Hi, fellows, i am from indonesia.

I did some research and found there are 2 main things here in NO FAP

  1. The root (cause, motivation, purpose)
  2. The branches (techniques, community, etc)

The techniques are mostly discussed by other threads (stay away from loneliness wiy smartphone, keep busy, get your right community, avoid bad community, track your relapse and stay away from its identified cause, etc)

I want to start topic about THE ROOT, your purpose…

I, once, started with the shallow motivation, that is to get erection… So when i got it, simply lose motivation to stay nofap… And sometimes i cheated with the motivation (to check i can get orgasm or not)… I even often replace fap with free sex (replacing WRONG SELF SEX with WRONG SEX… Not the right and healthy sex habit with only one person)

Then i also had “becoming more sex appealing to women”… And when i understood that it is fake, i was as attractive as before, i got 40+ women even when fapping (20+ are hot), i lose motivation again… still replacing the wrong way, and i even proud of that… How shameful when i think of it now…


When i directed my purpose for my health, my marriage health, i can get my first 100 day streak. Even when i relapsed afterward, i now know that a purpose, a root, is the foundation of your strength.

Now i stopped fapping (but still struggling to see women in the right way), after reading a book of Augustine of Hippo… he really inspired me, after being a playboy, and proud of his “achievementSSS”, he left it all to purify himself, to get TRUE JOY that can’t be found in SHORT PLEASURE… So i tried that, my motivation now, is TO PURIFY MY BODY TO HONOR OUR CREATOR.

And i found that it is easier for me with that motivation, to keep struggling MY ENTIRE LIFE

So guys, what are your motivations?? Write them here, inspire each other, strengthen each other, and win together


My motivation is healthy body ,skin and mind.

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My greatest motivation is to be more like CHRIST every day. No shortcuts. If HE suffered I suffer with HIM if I want to inherit glory with HIM


I am amazed by your words. :heart::heart::heart:

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Very good my friend, i’ll pray for it also

Same here bro. From a parish in Surabaya. May God bless you

Great!! Hope you can benefit from it… all Glory to our God.

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