Body Transformation Challenge 2024

This is currently how my body looks now after 3 months of gym, but it may change this year last end. Natural but slow process :face_holding_back_tears:


I have not been going to gym from some days (3-4 days) and I feel really bad about it. I can go, but then my mind says you have exams, you can go after that. Indeed I have, but those are just mid-sem exams, if I wanted to i could have studied on time everyday before exam and went to gym too. It’s my Laziness that led to this inconsistency. I’m sorry. I wanted to go today too, I got ready but then Idk why I did not go.
My last mid sem is tomorrow and I will be consistent from tomorrow and go on time, eat on time and limit social media and share the progress that I have made in the last 3 weeks in GYM.

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Same here, I have taken break till 5th bcoz of exams. Parents didn’t tell to stop but own decision.

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Same here, they even asked me whether I will go today or not :joy: like they want me to work on body now since they know I have had enough with the brain exercises.

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