Body Physic related Questions

I am trying to get better in every field by just using this Nofap as the first step(in background)…!!

I want to ask simple 🙋 questions:
As I am skinny guy(I know why it is? That because of excessive PMO consumed ( almost like18yr addiction don’t know exact) & wasted lot of sperm just for few minutes pleasure)

So here is the question… :point_down:
If I do this nofap for long time, is it possible that my diet will effect my body like converting my food to fats? .
When I can see the changes in my body (like that fats are coming) which makes me normal by physic?


Bro. It is also related to genes and Body type. There are 3 major body types search it on google. If you are skinny. Eat more, dont overeat. And go for Cut body and increase your muscle size. Then you will look awesome.:fire:


I tried it but nothing works… I eat more calories than usual.
I think it’s because this fats is in very low quantity in my body. As the result of that my body consumes all fats I eat but nothing comes on my body.

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@Adioz_aka_Adidas It depends on your metabolism. Try eating slowly and work out diligently. Eat more calories, but not too much. Basically, eat like you do normally.

I used to be thin aswell. After lockdown began, thanks to noFap and now 6 months of workouts, I’m built up. Now for me the issue is my family is asking me to stop body building :joy: even though that wasn’t my intention.

NoFap will increase your testosterone and thereby your body’s ability to generate muscle. If you want more, work out.

For expert advice ask @anon72572146 or @muradelizade06


Hey bro,
I advise you to join gym. By one year of hardwork surely you look better. Do deadlift, squats and bench press,shoulder press(mainly focus on compound lifts) with good form.

Take protein properly( I m 75kg, so I take 75 to 100grams of protein). Avoid junk foods,highly processed foods and sweets,reduce salt,reduce fatty foods and minimize carbs according to your level…There is lot to speak about diet brother. You have to make your own research on youtube or better simply goto any nutritionist for that.

You look like a hard gainer. So you have to eat little extra.


Where are you from bro?
Your weight?
Body type?
I answer better if I know those

What do you mean by body type? @Busyman
I am from India
Weight 56kgs

These are 3 body types bro… but you can stay anywhere between them too.
You have to build your diet according to that

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Just research on youtube and Google bro.
You able to easily built your diet plan.
And do nofap bro…It helps a lot for building strength and also for building muscle

And firstly I advice you too join gym as soon as possible and decide that ‘no matter what’ for next one year I go for regularly and work harder.
I assure it will change your life positive than now.

No good trainers in india bro especially in local gyms. So for every exercise you do refer some good youtube channel for good form,otherwise you may get injured.
Learn a lot.
After joining gym say me bro. I have so many advices I will share. I personally lift 100kg bench,100kg squat and 120 kg deadlift now bro with good form.


Bro I think it’s just going to cost you like 1500 to 2000rs for 3months…or just 500rs per month in our area.

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My advise is that only bro. Bodybuildering is costly sport bro.You have sacrifice some money for better looks and confidence,positivity,strength etc.,
Nothing worth having is free.
Food and gym cost and discipline …you must pay those

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Hello adi,
I am also underweight & trying to become a good looking muscular alpha male.

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I understand that I have to do bodybuilding as you told.
I will think about it.
What about the diet…
Which diet I hve to follow.?
Because 80% diet helps to build the body. I read this somewhere.

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You dont need gym & supplement.

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Yes bro. 80 percent is diet.
But to eat better you have to workout.
If your muscle is damaged means only it takes protein and grow


What exactly you do for making your boody fit. @I_am_the_Master

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For building a good looking alpha male.
Here is what i do :

  1. Nofap Hardmode. Reason : it increases testosterone. Testosterone enables the man to lift heavy; run faster & fight the enemies in times of emergency.

  2. Along with hard mode, Regular excercise.
    Reason : Muscles become weak when they are not used. For growing muscles they have to undergo regular stress.

What types of excercise helps ?
Jumping on the ground.
Dand Baithak. Hindu Pushups.
Pullups; chinups.
Hiit workout : i can give you all its details if you want.

  1. Balanced diet.
    Milk, ghee, chapatis; sabji roti, fruits, vegetables etc.

If you follow these 3 for only 1 month. Trust me, you can gain upto 10 kgs in one month easily.
Yes; easy as walking in a garden.
But the real question is can you do all these for a regular time ?

And yes, i forgot to tell,

  1. Rest
    Rest is very important for taking care of body.
    In intial days body will cramp & hurt, when it shows signs, rest for a day to recover.