Body language improvement

Anyone here please suggest me tips , books , content to improve body language. I a was addicted to fapping many years which had made me isolated , made myself esteem go low. But on nofap mode since a year and maintaining streaks for 80 to 90 days , goal is to relapse only during real intercourse. Overall both my physical and mental health has improved in one year, full of energy now . Definitely anxiety has reduced but not vanished completely. Also my body language was really worse but now little better but need to make it perfect. Also i have camera phobia and worry a lot like how my picture looks . I am searching for matches so need to improved my facial expressions, posture and body language. Thanks for help.

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It depends if you’re in tinder or some shit, maybe it will sound obvious, but try to search body language and communication videos.
Even if these are like for “alpha male” there are some genuinely good advice in how to act when a girl or in this case a female is present.

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Please do share if you come across any good content. Its not just arounds girls
. I have social anxiety in general. Even i struggle while going to saloon. Find it difficult to make eye contact with barber . I myself feel awkward when i stand right in front of mirror. But trying to improve during each visit.

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