Bob's journey Day 1 (chronic masturbator needs professional help)

I know I am a bit late since this is my first diary but it is also my 5th day of No Fap. So in this diary I’m going to introduce you how I started No Fapping and more! This is maybe my 10th attempt to No Fap and im really happy I started again. So 5 days ago I was laying in my bed masturbating to porn, just a normal day I thought to myself right? I was wrong. Every time I masturbated I felt disgusted at myself ever since. And this is how I started no Fapping for the 10th time. This time I hope I can get to 1000 days without any PMO on hard mode. This diary will be daily so it helps me to motivate myself.


Trust me you dont wanna say it on 10th Try that ," i am gonna achieve 1000 day this time."

From my experience get ready to fail 1000 times.

I dont want to discourage you but make small goals in the beginning like 21 days or 30 days then improve on it.
I can be 100% wrong but you have to make it upto 1000 days to do so.
Good Luck for your Journey.


I agree with @anon66785751. 1000 days is definitely ambitious as an initial goal. While that sort of ambition warrants respect, be careful that you aren’t setting yourself up for disappointment. For your own sake, start out small and progressively increase your goal. That way, if you relapse you won’t be thinking “Aw man, I didn’t make it to 1000 days”, but rather “Hey, I made it past 14 days. Next time I’ll go for a whole month”. It will make you more motivated, rather than disappointed.

Also, remember that time alone doesn’t dictate progress. You can be having 100 easy days where you haven’t met any struggles, but have you then truly progressed? Progression occurs when encountering and overcoming adversity.

Your journey won’t be easy, and you will inevitably reach a point where you’ll want to give up. When you do, you have reached the threshold of a breakthrough. Break through the barrier, and you’ll have pushed yourself closer to your goal. Overcoming these adversities is what will ultimately harden you enough to become unbreakable.

Also, there is no such thing as failure, albeit completely giving up. Making mistakes is part of progressing, because you’ll be finding the holes in your defence that need reinforcement. By doing so, you’ll be readying yourself for the next time that you face the same opponent i.e. struggle. Find your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I am currently also on day 5 and I hope that we all make it to 1000 days one day. Until then, let’s take it one step at a time and be there to aid and comfort each other during difficult times. I leave you with my favorite motivational quote of all time;

“Continuous Effort - Not Strength or Intelligence - Is the Key to Unlocking and Using Our Potential” - Liane Cordes


Gold comment is gold


It is Day 2 of my diary I just woke up and I had a dream masturbating in my bed. Which is very strange considering the fact that before a year ago I was sleeping next to my parents and when I woke up I was unconsciously masturbating… I don’t know what happend It was like someone was controlling my hand while I was sleeping. Maybe this is because I’m putting to much stress on my body. I am making this short becouse I just woke up and there isn’t much to say. Anyways If you know something about this strange phenomenon please comment below!

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I had stroked my dick consciencsly(is this spelling correct ! ) in front of parents while they were sleeping and i was doing it under the blanket.
PMO is such a evil. It makes us a crazy piece of shit and more pricesly a Bitch which is fucked by dogs.


True. I know such a piece of shit bitch sucking stroke on drugs

Hello, dear no fappers! This is day 3 of my diary and Day 7 of my no fap journey. It’s now 1:30am in the morning and I’m feeling super fresh and energized. I already experienced most of the benefits from the first week :grin:!

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Awesome, are you working out? I would recommend going exercise, like push ups and sit ups, rope jumping to get cardi going and good Coditioning, it’ll boost your confidence and people will notice a positive change on you bringing you even more confidence. Cheers.

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