Blue Beard 's Dairy ( Male, 35)

Hello Friends,

I have been on a no M journey for about twenty days. I have an addictive personality and have been struggling off and on with Porn and M. I was on an almost 30 odd days multi hour long P& M binge and eventually stopped getting erections.

At first I thought it was the Corona Virus anxiety causing my ED. But after some research it seemed in the month of the lockdown, my nonstop jackathon, had really damaged my sexual systems.

Since then, I have been on a No Fap journey and it has helped. I am getting erections though not as vigorous and hard as before but I am getting them. My time has been freed up so I have taken up my unfinished online courses.

But the last two days, I have watched porn for minutes. I am afraid without help, I will relapse. I am seeking some advice on this matter. Also it seems, I am getting sexual dreams after a long time…could they be precursurs of wet dreams? I feel I am going to fall off the wagon. Help me.


Welcome to the community. Okay, so you are on the first step. This step is easy, you don’t have to focus on your streak. Go on the forum and read as many reboot posts as you can. Guides, info, diaries, succes stories…
When you start gaining knowledge, you’ll determination will increase. Any doubt you can ask me.

About wet dreams, yes sex dreams may be a precursor of wet dreams. Worry not my friend. They are part of the reboot.

20 days is great!! A huge first step. About watching P, it is a relapse man, but don’t worry. As I said, your first need is to gain all the knowledge to overcome this. I encourage you to read Soaring Eagle’s book.

If you need any help, you can message me. You can also add me if you want 65feff .

Keep going, you got this!!!


Thank you for your response. Its been a damn tough week. Home got flooded due to a storm, so almost relapsed out of frustration. But I didnt and I am on my 27th day of no M. Thank you for pointing out P is a relapse… I get it. Since then no P. I want to reach a mile stone. Let’s see.


You are in an age of power and responsibility. You have to gain self respect to be a role model for all that are younger here. Have a heroic streak and set an example to yourself and all others.



Thanks brother! I completed my original plan of No Fap, for 31 days. But after that I have not been able to resume a streak. No P but significant M. It’s an improvement I guess, as I was deeply addicted to P, devoring several hours to it in a day . But I have to get back on the track with the No Fap. Any suggestions?

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Fasting and Prayer
Have three projects
one that makes money
one for fun
one for personal growth

i love you but I can’t learn it for you brother.