Blue balls misery please advice

Hi guys, I am finding myself in circle I can’t snap out. I suffer from porn and masturvation numbness. Basically because of too much porn watched in past my girlfriend " isn’t enought " to make me hard for longer during sex. And because of lot masturbation my penis is also bit numb and it take me longer and often too high speed (uncomfortable for girlfriend) to ejaculate. This results in my gf being less interested in sex. And my no fap wouldn’t be such a problem but I am getting often from small arousal heavy painful blue balls. I am also cyclist and I heard that wrong saddle could be part of problem as well. Anybody experience?


Drink plenty of water. Once you urinate that ll ease the pain. PLENTY OF WATER! That’s the key to get relived from blue balls without mastrubating.


It is getting aroused when I am nearby my girlfriend. And it lasts for couple hours. It is subtl when I am doing normal daily activities but if I have hint of blue balls and I will take a longer ride on bike it hurt like hell and stays for hours

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Blue balls are a myth. The uncomfortable feeling leaves with time. Now that I’ve reached 38 Days, I can tell you that the slight pain left after about 14 days. My body started to normalize after that, and if I had too much semen, I would find out after waking up. However, I truly haven’t had ‘wet dreams’ to accompany the result, since wet dreams are activated when we guys think too much about sexual fantasy during the day. Stay strong man. You got what it takes to be free.

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Blue Balls can go away in a minute by this excercise :
Exhale all air from the belly out via nose… by quick short jerky breaths… then suddenly … blow all the air out through nose…
When you blow out the air with pressure… your anus… penis… stomach all will be some pressure… hold this pressure upside… without inhaling the air…
Hold this position of anus… muscles around penis… belly … upside… without giving blood & oxygen…

Hold it as long as you can… then realease…
Do it 3-4 times…

Result : pain is gone.

Drink a lot of water… take a piss.

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