Blue balls, don't know what to do

My current streak is about 114 days
Since past 3 days, my urges are at peak. Never felt anything like this. And I’m feeling blue balls to a new level. The pain also extends to my bladder. Any suggestions?

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How long has it been going on? Try to put ice pack there, do some squats, lunges and a some jogging like that… It will release pressure there… Also take a cold shower and see if it will go away.

Man you should enjoy the bliss of feeling urges. It’s an indication that you are totally free from shitty p4rn… I’m so happy for you man

Enjoy your day and don’t relapse… Use that energy to go out and meet some girls

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It started today evening. I’ve got extreme urges which also has reflected in my dreams. I’ve had highly erotic dreams. But no ejaculation. (I had my last wet dream 10 days back approximately, and the frequency is after every 30 days on average)
It feels like I’m on day 2 again. The urges are unbearable if I allow them to come up. I’m badly craving the dopamine probably because I haven’t allowed myself to consume any content on the internet as well for a week now. Just trying to study all day (although failing). Thus the urges got really bad

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Not my immediate goal. But yes, I’m badly craving for a partner. I first have to accomplish my goal.

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Got it brother…do hold on… Try everything to get rid of blueballs…


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