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Are you scared of manhood?


This is a really good question.

After leaving PMO addiction I have embraced the idea of being a better man. However, it is hard for me to to be “a warrior”. I’m a calm man, so the “warrior role” doesn’t fit me.

Oppositely, I do believe I’m a more respectful and respected man now. I still make many mistakes and I do stupid things, but I’m improving.

The role that better fits me now is to get a good wife and to be a father and husband.

May I accomplish it one day.


Yessir to accomplish father hood is within every man goal to be calm man is now a requirement and responsibility in today’s highly emotional society . And your warrior role is not a necessity in today’s society but a man is of necessity is the need to speak his mind and love the truth no matter a consequence no matter his death of the acceptance of societal( liking)


Aggression and determination in purpose, SELF CONTROL in virtue, Ambition in vice, Courage and Fixation in face of danger and a mindset of War during periods of peace. The oldest profession of Men- Both of Protection and Invasion. Life of a man, a warrior, a soldier both in heart and mind, always looking to conquer the peaks he lays his eyes on.

To never accept defeat, because to a true warrior , acceptance IS defeat. Where would we be, if all those disease like Plague, Tuberculosis, Small pox were considered incurable, and our only hope were to accept its consequences? Where would we be if space was considered unreachable ? Where would we be if acceptance was the norm of the warrior ? Nowhere. The warrior’s mind is limitless. No peak out there which he cannot climb.

The warrior craves growth, progress, development of his mind and body. His only hope is that there is no limit to his transcendence. No peak which is the ultimate finale. He seeks perfection, but hopes the journey remains endless.

He seeks dominion, and domination. Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally, Sexually, Culturally and Individually. He seeks Power, but seeks power through honour and Respect. Why? Because to achieve through honour, though hard and back breaking, provides maximum fulfillment and spirituality.

More than anything else, The warrior seeks greatness, not goodness. He is a man of action, but has few words. His body may fall, but his mind does not. He always will find the strength in himself, to get back up and change the world.

Yes, the warrior’s life is certainly something that I crave. I believe every man’s life should follow that course, no matter how much the society flutters and sweats out the faults.

Few examples of men who defined the ideas of manhood in my life-

My Father
Genghis Khan
Ashoka the great
Alexander the Great
Winston Churchill
Bruce Lee
Muhammad Ali
Dayanand Saraswati
Isaac Newton
Howard Hughes