Blocking sexualized advertisements should be a priority for you Taher

The app revolts around PMO addiction and you know that people get personalized advertimenets based on their web browsing habits. Anybody who watched porn will get dating app or “hot mum is waiting 1 mile away” adverts what might cause the relapse or even quittng RC app like Resurgent did.

Please treat this issue more seriously.


Ads are based on users not on on app developers. It’s all search engine optimised and Taher is already making this app super.
I suggest that if you wanna commit to your journey and take yourself seriously, just donate and buy the app.


I can’t agree more…

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For new users seeing this kind of adverts is pretty discouraging.

He could at least block certain hosts, which advertise this kind of ads…

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You’re right. That’s quite thoughtful of you.
I responded as I did because the tone you took made it seem like a personal request. As well as the example of Resurgent- as far as I can tell he was a regular user, not a new one.


Yes, some ads should definitely be banned directly by Taher but people should know the ads are generated by their own browsing habits. When i used to watch porn i always did so in incognito and i never ever got ads later


I will look into it post-haste, meanwhile can you give me the link or the app name of the advertisement?


Bro, I gave you the hosts file, which you can use to block most porn ads.

It’s from Pornaway app for Android. Dev created hosts file with help of others to block porn websites and ads. The one above block ads.

I am working in IT industry & your answer correct but @Taher can make it happen by blocking certain group ads in exclusion but yeah its too much work for him, & 1st he needs source of that ad

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will this work on host file of windows too na?

Yes it does.

Just open Notepad with administrator privileges, chose open file option go to location:

Select Show all files option and you will see there hosts file. Open it and paste mentioned hosts from github.

The creator has similar file for porn websites as well on his repo.

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Allowing porn ads to be displayed to porn addicts is not the best decision and then telling them they can donate to disable them is pretty scummy to me.

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You should appreciate amount of support you are getting from this community, @Taher is also working on it

Sometimes you need to be appreciative

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I am.

I donated him, but still wonder why porn ads keep showing up to people. It’s just not right.


Oh I didn’t know that you donated in that case pm him , he will surely resolve the issue

I have made some changes, let me know how the ads are now.

  1. Clear your all activity on google account, delete from begin
  2. In google search option choose filter
  3. Use block ads, adblock add on for computer. Adaway from android
  4. Dont use ilegal or crack software
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I’m donator on my main, so switched to alt, but I don’t know where these ads should pop up.

Also to make them appear here I should watch some explicit content on this account, but I don’t want to. Please ask any volunteer or any person who relapsed recently to porn and has not donated.


Truth has spoken. Amen, brother.

Yes, you and @ReloadingSacks seem to know much more about this! I’ll leave it to you guys :rainbow: