Block websites. Need help

Can anyone tell me the steps to block websites directly on chrome (not by using any outside app)

Click on settings

Search settings

Check the option ‘filter results with explicit content’ and then save

I did that. But if you enter the url of the website it still opens. I want to block it. I don’t want the website to open even if i enter the complete url.
@Taher can you help?

You can configure your router to do that. I don’t know how it works, but is the most effective method! Maybe taher knows about it.

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Ok @Adioz thanks for you wise words. I wont use any blocker. Thanks again.


Also the so-called blockers secretly steal your data so I stopped using them


@strongwillpower the easiest blocker to set up is probably OpenDNS FamilyShield:

As @Adioz said though, you can bypass any blocker basically so if you want to access porn or look for loopholes, you will be able to.


If you are using a phone install blockerX, it blicks most of the porn. Its free on android, dont know about ios.


So I have researched a lot on this topic on how to block all the pornographic material on the internet… Here a few ways

  1. BlockerX:
    This is a really good app to help you in those hard times when you’re on the verge of a relapse… It by default blocks all porn in chrome, Firefox, opera etc… It has helped me many times
    You can download it from here for Android :
  2. Adguard
    This is just a terrific app to block all kind of ads in any app… But we can use it to our advantage. Adguard can also set up custom DNS. So we can set DNS to some safe one like open DNS here which will block all pornographic and adult content by default

    Download adguard from here :
  3. If you are rooted, I would suggest you to use pornaway, which is just a lightweight app to block all porn sires from several sources… It modifies the hosts file to block all porn by default… Download it from here

I would suggest you to use a combination of one or more tools mentioned above

Glad I could help :wink:

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