Bless this immunity

I tried abstaining from porn and masturbation earlier , because I just happened to watch a video on YouTube about NoFap. I almost had it for 30 days , but I couldn’t do it. I thought that it was stupid to believe that such minor thing as keeping away from porn and masturbation will do me any good.

However, I have been reading about the principles of Stoicism , and I started NoFap again, just to try those principles in practice. I now sincerely think that NoFap is more about winning back your mind and soul from our empty desires. This community is making me realize that people are not doing this for all those pseudoscientific " biological benefits" that are posted all over the internet. People are here on a spiritual journey , to gain control of their own self from the decievers.

Stay strong, brothers and sisters . :muscle:
Bless this immunity.