Guys i need some help…So i had a 70days streak… then i relapsed… then after 2 days i relapsed again… and after 5 days i relapsed another 2 times…will i lose all of my benefits?(brain rewiring,normal levels of dopamone e.t.c). Although i have to mention that i relapsed without porn and without even fantasizing… it was the chaser effect that got me…

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I knew it.
Self Realization is the best thing.

We can not tell you what you will lost or Gain.
You will know it yourself.

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What exactly did you knew? I saw you talking abou the great rising and end up relapsing countless times.I find that sentence a little ironic. I relapsed because I wanted to nit because i couldn’t do it anymore. It was the binge that affected me

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When you posted a question 28 days back… i tried my best to help you.

I got confirmed that you are going to relapse when you posted your 2nd & 3rd questions.

I have no problem with that.

I am trying my best to get rid of this addiction from last 3 years. Sometimes i fail… and i try again.
I have a 10 days streak now.
It is very hard… i know.
That is the reward right… whats the use if reward comes easy… A lot of struggle… and reward tastes even more sweeter.

Dont do nofap as a challenge OR to prove that you can do this.

If nofap is doing good for you… then do it.
For me… Nofap is Life.
Fap is death.


Best line I have read today.

I take inspiration from you @Sahas

No matter how many times you fail, you always get up and try again. You are a warrior. Deep respect man.


You probably have already noticed most benefits are gone, but in terms of your brain rewiring, you didn’t necessarily lose benefits so much as you just further ingrained the path of relapsing instead of staying clean.

So you can still make progress on rewiring brother. Remember to take relapse as a learning experience, what went wrong on your streak? What strategies did you use that worked, what didn’t? Or maybe you decided or forgot to use one of your strategies and that’s what made you relapse.

Whatever the case, make a new plan and get back up, and put to use those new wires in your brain, you got this!


I have problems too thats why i do it. I help we all going to make it at the end.

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