Binaural Beats / Isochronic tones

Does anyone have any experience with binaural beats when it comes to masturbation? just trying to find some other views on them.

i’ve used them before and i don’t think they count, because it’s just sound, what are other peoples views?

I have used them but not for masturbation.
Its available on youtube right.
I didnt find them useful.

Some sounds might trigger feelings like arousal whats pretty similar to watching porn. If you treat your recovery seriously you should avoid it. However binaural beats are quite safe to improve focus.

Hey there,

I actually used binaural beats, sometimes linked with hypnosis files, to PMO.
And yes, I think it is the same as watching porn. Sure, you won’t have any problems that come along with being influenced by the way porn is filmed. You won’t get a misogynistic worldview, you won’t objectify people, you won’t have unrealistic expectations for your SO. However, in the end you link your pleasure to an external source that has nothing to do with either exploring your own sexuality or interaction with another human being. It’s still masturbation. Which, of course, can be healthy, mind you, but only in appropriate quantities.
My opinion is: treat it like masturbating. If you can handle it from time to time, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you are still struggling with PMO as an addiction, try to avoid it!