Big streak guys tell me about eyesight

Big streak guys tell me about eyesight does it get better on long streaks because my eyesight has gone very bad now I am having pain in eyes and headache. My spectacles number has also increased.
Tell me please C.S 10 days

Bro pmo or nofap has nothing to do with your eyesight. If you strain your eyes a lot of expose your eyes to a lot of blue light and stress, your eyesight will become weak. Take care of that.


Thanks Brother I just have to cut down my phone usage. I got my new Spectacles today only.

Agrees with him :100::100::100:

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It has nothing to do with eyesight. Practice TRATAK or SAMBHAVI mudra. It will help you to increase your eyesight. Watch my video on TRATAK.TRATAK


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