BEWARE THE MALICE! Internet is not safe anymore

BEWARE THE MALICE MY BROTHERS! Lust is everywhere, and they want you to give in. Im not talking about women on instagram… I’m talking about fcking prn advertisements on YouTube. YES, P IS NOW ON YOUTUBE!!!
IF YOU HAD TO AVOID PROVOCATIVE GIRLS, NOW YOU ALSO HAVE F*CKING ADVERTISEMENTS. Idk how they are hijacking YouTube’s advertisement policy but they are doing. So more than ever you have to use social media wisely. You MUSTN’T “surf” on the internet, no chill is allowed if you want to succed on nofap. If you do, you will find one of this advertisements and eventually relapse.
THEY ARE TRYING TO TO GIVE UP. Slowly those images will decrease your determination. When you lose your determination, doubt will apear on your mind.
If you doubt about what are you doing you’ll relapse. DO NOT SEARCH ABOUT PMO ON THE INTERNET. You know it is bad, you have already picked the red pill. There is no way to your old you. You will always feel shame and regret after a relapse.

There is fap or no fap, but no edge.


Wow, has it really come to this? I have AdBlock on so I haven’t seen anything.

Stay strong brothers.


In India also, there are Ads of not porn exactly but Ads of Web Cam Nudity. Every fucking Ad is related to nudity with pictures of hot girls. I am not talking about the Ads which we counter while viewings video. I am talking about the Ads which came in our recommendation list.


Those ones, they are scaling. Stay away from any social media feed. It’s trap!


Thanks @TheWindWaker for this advice. This is the one of the real reason of ending up fapping.
Many of our brothers fall in this trap :sob:
But we are here to prove these fcking ads wrong. We all can stand together against them.
Brothers just stay focused on your life.
Life is too big infront of those 30 sec ads and few seconds of pleasure.
Grind for making this life more useful and meaningful.