Better Life Project

0 Days
This is my first day, I will try to get out of it, now its 4:34 at morning so i cant write anymore because im sleepy, but can somebody support me, I will be stronger if anybody write me a nice support words, my English is not percect, sorry
So I’m startig today, wish me good luck :muscle:t2:


Everyone starts on Day 0 brother! Stay strong. Remember you can do this!


If you can take the first step… you can take the last one too

Always Remember
if you ever relapse… it was not the world made you relapse… but it will be your own decision


You’re fighting against something now and you have to realise that. Your body and your mind (or as I like to say soul) are fighting each other here. Which will prevail? You better take your body down because it is YOURS to begin with not the other way around. Good luck.


I’m After 1 day, without pmo, I’m not feeling any special things, but also i dont feel horny, and writing about it helping me for sure.
It was hard day from morning to evening and I think that helps me to dont do that.
I’m very happy
Btw I’m 15 years old
Will see what i will do tommorow, but i dont thinm that I’m gonna fail now, your help makes me stronger
Stay strong! :muscle:t2:


I’m feeling good, I’m really happy, that I’m fighting with it, It was a good decision, and thank you guys for theese nice words it means a lot to me, and it’s really helping me
Stay Strong! :muscle:t2:


Bruuuhh respect to you !!! 15 and already taking on the responsibility of being a better person for your life , that commends respect , at that time all I wished for was a laptop to be able to jack off when ever I wanted lmao :joy::joy: , not knowing the consequences of such a wish.
No matter what happens you are a winner already, continue on your path of superheroism , cause at your age with this decision you are no longer on the realm of regular teens, consider your self SUPER, so act like it everywhere you step in life.
All love to you young kin, stay great ! :fire::fire::boom::sparkles:


Thank you, I decided to fight with it, because my life was going down because of IT, I have everything in my life, family and health, but I dont have a real friend, who could understand me and help with this problem, but you guys are helping me the most, to beat this addiction, you must have a person who is cheering you and motivates you, you guys are like this person for me,
I’m really really thankfull


I’m felling great, I don’t want to do bad stuff for now, and I’m not thinking about IT, which is very very good!
Stay Strong! :muscle:t2:
With God!


And when you do want to you need to say no. Remember, it will come. Be prepared, expect it. Happy for your 3 day streak. Like the previous guy said 15 is very young to start consider yourself lucky and blessed.


It is starting to be really hard, but i must be strong!
With God!