Better late than never

there is no doubt that we failed too many times but we also learned from our fails . we dont have to be sad but we shoud have hope . one day we will be free but it depends on us . we can choose when . we shoud know that the fail is not the end of the life . everyday there is a chance for a better future . and we just dont take it . when will we face ourselves ? when will we be free ? when will we have a better life ? we can answer soon or late . atleast we have to know that late better than never .

rise and grind
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Some of us have no option but to try again and again because some of us are extreme cases and had been deeply fucked by this habit.
I am talking about 10 or more years of daily wastage of Life Force. :sob:


we have to be patient and confident to beat it whatever how long we have been addicted .


I will not give up on this right now i am stressed due to family, but nofap remains a big priority, are when you abstain everything comes at you 100% if its stress 100% and if its happyness 100% but over time you gain soo much from the nofap things becomes easy


Tumne mere Dil ka baat keh di Bhaii…

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