Benefits so far


Talking to girls has been a lot easier to do. Girls are starting to talk to me a lot of them actually. And when I talk to them I look them in the eyes and stopped looking at body parts. For most of the time at least still trying to improve that. Before, I tried to not touch girls as much as possible it’s a negative you get from watching porn but now I’m shaking girls hands and stuff. Too bad it’s the end of school year if i keep this up hopfully I might be able to get a girlfriend in the future. But yea just wanted to share the benefits with you so far.
Keep it up and you’ll see results.


This stuff motivates me… What grade u in?


12th grade brother. Almost out of highschool


Wowwww im in 9th grade

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You should try to quit the addiction now bro. You still have a couple of years before college enjoy your time in highschool.

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Hey brother, how many days are you in nofap? Thanks for positive words.


I’m on day 3 about to be day 4 in a couple hrs

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It’s embarrassing to say but I just relapsed :cry::slightly_frowning_face:… But I will come back :ok_hand::muscle:t6:

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Keep trying brother keep trying you don’t know which try will work for you…

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That’s true,ima just focus on one day at a time
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1)What day are you on??
2)And can you tell me some female attraction stories of yours if you experienced some yet?