Benefits of no fap/ reducing ejaculations

An inordinate amount of young male depression/anxiety is the direct result of excessive depletion of their natural life force; their Jing energy, through chronic masturbation and ejaculation devoid of emotion.

benefits of nofap/reducing ejaculation:

  • More free time
  • Clearer skin
  • Less sleep needed
  • Higher energy
  • more dopamine
  • better sex
  • more love

benefits of fapping:

  • nothing, zero, zilch

don’t be a coomer.

Porn is used as a tool to demotivate and keep docile the male population.
When all your masculine energy is focused on or ‘tamed’ by pixels on a screen, you are much more likely to let your life fall into disarray, as well as have relationships that are lacking.

Semen itself is energetically costly to make and requires lots of important minerals to produce, so draining your body of this constantly ends up making your body leech these important minerals from other areas of the body.

When you’re constantly depleting yourself, You cannot concentrate the RAW primal masculine energy that will enable you to change your life and pursue your passions.

Porn kills love, and when you cut it out you will feel a resensitisation of your life across all metrics.

Once you’re past that stage, where you don’t masturbate at any point, its beneficial to take a look at your relationship with sex as well.

Sex itself is an exchange of energy, so whoever you end up sleeping with has a lasting effect on yourself, so its important to realise what will happening if you are running through one night stand situations with people you don’t care about. If you are focused on this empty rotation of pursuing girls or guys with no real tangible connection you will end up wasting your time, wasting your energy and opening yourself up to negative energies.

I’m not suggesting a puritanical approach to never sleeping with anyone, but just keep in mind: What’s the end goal of this exchange?
Would I be better off just keeping it to myself tonight? Do I really need to bust that nut? Do I need to crawl through the nightclub again to satisfy a temporary itch and would that energy be better directed somewhere else?

When you are having regular sex with someone you care about as a guy, consider not ejaculating every time; its possible to experience an energetic orgasm through Kegel practice and Taoist principles, so you don’t need to bust each time to enjoy sex. The moment to moment feeling and cycling back and forth of energy is a beautiful feeling in itself and I guarantee that having a control over this energy will give you benefits far beyond the 10 seconds of normal busting.



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