Benefits not showing

I am on day 21 of no fap (hard mode) but still there are no benefits as being told my many people here. My concentration levels are the same… I m still confused… Still waste a lot of time in unproductive activities. Am I missing something?.. What else should I do to enjoy those highly publicised benefits?

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Be Patient thats all i Gotta say for now


bro um on day 22 and um still feeling shit !!
just dont fap!

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I would workout. You will have more testosterone available to you now and that makes workouts much easier and more enjoyable. It also makes you feel good and gives you confidence which really helps NoFap too.

Remember sometimes NoFap by itself isn’t enough, you need to allow other changes to happen in your life sometimes before you can see how much it is helping you.


You won’t get better just by nofapping.

e.g. in my case, I used fapping as a way to flee from stress, responsibilities and so on. Now that I don’t fap I have to learn how to handle my emotions.
Nofap is good but you also need to work on your mind. If your unproductive -> write your self a detailed plan when you do which task. Split it into very small single tasks which you can tick of the list which feels good (gives you dopamine) and so on.
It’s obvious that you can’t feel good. You take your brain it’s main source for enjoyment. You have to replace this with something else. Often people also lack a certain long time goal. Why should you do these tasks that you procrastinate? If it is studying -> why are you studying

Hope this helps a bit


Get checked out for health issues. I am having the same problem. With me I have very high cortisol levels and very low testosterone levels due to poor sleep caused by sleep apnea which in turn is caused by severe allergies. Hoping an allergy shot will solve my problems.

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Your comment is gold absolute gold.

‘Learn how to handle your emotions’ i have been saying this in one form or the other thats where the true challenge begins but also where growing begins

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I would like to say that your response is also absolute gold lol.

I beleive that the people who notice result fast are people who feel their emotions that they have been escaping through porn.

Emotion = energy in motion.
How can you expect to have a lot of energy(result of nofap) if you don’t feel your stuck emotions.

I think this is much more important than dopamine recovery…


I was with alot of energy in day 7 so much that I was a bit aggressive. After that like a shit, today night i feel better, probably there are more factors than we can understand


Yeah i am going through some stages for real like at some occasions, i am hit with these intense emotions even regreats, sorrow all unraveling from my center i can feel them, they are knots of emotions its true. I once saw someone expalain emotion knot and i laughed back then i when i was younger. The idea of emotion Being replessed seemed silly to me until now, what i have discovered is wherever you marstubate you press those those emotions struggle deep in your center but really all we do is mask them because of dopamine reward from fap we don’t have to deal with anything, but its soo bad for us, everyday i uncloge myself from these past emotion and pain. As you said its the same with drug addicts, most of the time when people are on rehab say they are going through change well thats because all the pain they had hidden is leaving


First of all thanks guys for suggestions and valuable inputs.
I want to ask about emotions… Before no fap I used to feel a lot of emotions but now only numbness is there. Only positive point in this that it has brought calmness in the behaviour. Did u guys also went through this phase?

How long have been abstinent?
Don’t expect results right off, also what r sort of results are you looking for, I certainly hope not the “become a God” results. You mentioned you spend time doing unproductive activities, well change that for working out or something else, the main change you should be looking for being able to control masturbating, I think that’s what we all are looking for, being able to stay away from many days and than do it and easily being able to control urges and go abstinent many days again , your body and mind has to adapt to that that’s what I want to achieve.

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