Benefits mates.. Just sharing from another mate

40 benefits of NOFAP

  1. real sex becomes better
  2. energy increase
  3. intense sexual desire
  4. self- confidence increase
  5. u will enjoy every second of your life
  6. more self control
  7. not thinking sex all the time
  8. being able to orgasm
  9. sharp memory
  10. more focus
  11. deeper voice
  12. increase testosterone levels
  13. no more premature ejaculation
  14. strong hair
  15. better stamina
  16. people will respect you more
  17. no more stress
  18. alive eyes
  19. less rage and anger
  20. glowing skin
  21. increase self-motivation
  22. best sleep
  23. no depression
  24. social anxiety gone
  25. flatline
  26. reduce dark circles
  27. no more sweaty palms
  28. you will have more money
  29. bigger biceps
  30. less embarrassing moment
  31. higher marks in exam
  32. better in singing
  33. looking into the eyes
  34. respect for girls
  35. increase social skills
  36. improve body language
  37. feeling unstoppable
  38. improve critical thinking
  39. no more procrastination
  40. you become your own hero

Gonna paste this also in my journal . Thank you bro! These motivate me


I wonder how can have “more money” when quitting PMO?

Don’t want you argue but except this I totally agreed on the other points

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Yeah I saw that mate. Don’t know what he meant. Me for an instance spent money on hair treatment you see and for pimples… maybe that yeah


You’ll have more money because you won’t spend it on porn subscriptions and as you unlock mental clarity you’re more aware of what and why you’re buying things, so you generally spend less.


@CarnetDeBordMore people who will spend money on porn are mostly rich, they will have money even if they are on PMO.


“are mostly” —> not all of them