Benefits are there but pls read this and help

Let’s talk about benefits
1: Face shines (skin became light) skin glows
2. More energy
3.your tool becomes rock hard
And all are there which everyone talks about
Currently I m at day 58 but the problem is sometimes I feel like I have an anger of volcano inside me
I became more violent now
I m getting a lot of anger issues and I’m getting frustrated easily
Sometimes I feel extreme urge like I feel a light shock type in my head and I get feeling of GOOSEBUMPS.
Apart from this I was afraid of spiders a lot and today I killed 2 spiders( it helped me to overcome my dear)
But now I m feeling extremely low,drained out,legs are paining
What kind of effects are these? Pls help pls

Do you meditate?

I think that’s good, I don’t know the scientific accuracy but this might be the sexual energy reaching your brain, the nutrients you are saving. Everytime I do any sexual transmutation exercise I get this type of feeling.

You might have done excess workout or something, or you might have had a nightfall?

No need to worry tho these all are normal issues can happen to anyone.


You missed the chance to become Spiderman 🤦.


I don’t think he killed radioactive spiders. If that’s the case then wth did you do @GOGETA


I do meditation sometimes bro (not daily)
And I had just 4 nightfalls in this streak of 58 days

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:sob::joy::joy:bruhhh whyyyyyyy what is this​:joy:

I would recommend you to be regular with meditation bro, it really helps to keep your mind calm, if you do keep doing regular meditation for a long period of time you rarely get angry. I have been doing sudarshan kriya and meditation for almost 2 years now, there are very few instances where I get angry maybe once a year or so :joy:.


It’s funny to read this.

When we have low self esteem we let lot of people boss on us unconsciously. We stay silent where we should speak. But these things get suppressed in unconscious mind. Now when when you are feeling confident due to NoFap all the suppressed anger may be coming out on the surface. I think it should go away in few days.


I like your spin on things, you seem like a wise calm saint to me @raushan :joy:.


Yea buddies surely I will try to do meditation daily thanks to all bros for supporting me :heart::pray:

:joy: :joy: I am wordless bro. I have lot of things to learn. Also I am older than you guys that may be the case.


That’s what we are here for :heart:.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl::joy::joy:


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