Benefits after 61 days

61 days completed today with 4 nightfalls
Let’s talk about benefits
1.Glowing skin
2.Sharp memory
3.quick response
earlier when I used to fap a lot at that time my eyes were Reddish and I felt sleepy all the time( in online class)
Now after attending all classes my eyes doesn’t get irritated easily
Energy is at its peak nowadays.
My tool became rock hard😂
But urges are also increasing day by day and at some nights I m not able to sleep properly
I will not say anything about female attraction because due to covid in my society I m not going outside without any reason or for roaming here and there
But this is worth it.
I won’t stop until I break my previous record
Have a nice streak guys.


Such a good success story to share. Thank you
I am on day 37 atm and Im looking forward to a full year.

Good luck brother


Thank you for sharing… my highest was 61 days… i want to break it and see what comes next. I’m on Day 40 now.


That’s good, dude. I’m in my 55th day, and the benefits are the same. Let’s keep moving!


Thanks to whole community guys
It wasn’t possible without your support :pray:


One thing I also want to say that most of the time now days mostly I m thinking that how can I acheive my goal
Lust and erotic thoughts comes but they doesn’t last.i became more serious or you can say selfish about my goal


Amazing Brother, Just Keep Moving Forward :fire::clinking_glasses:
Next Target 100 days :zap::muscle:
You can do it bro.
And try to get things into routine, Have proper sleep schedule and don’t leave any opening or free time. To let your mind even think of something bad.
You did it bro :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
You can do a lot more
Don’t stop until You are Satisfied until you achieve Freedom :triumph:


Thanku buddy and yes I won’t stop until i completely become free from this


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