Being one with myself and giving time to improve

I am just writing here to inform that I won’t be coming here for some days. Mainly because I don’t want to see NoFab as days and not dedication within those days. That is what happened to me. All the days I did I accomplished yet I procrastinated alot because of the amount of days I had. That was the problem. I will still be here, just won’t be often. Need time to improve my life here and train to not procrastinate. My procrastination has been with me along with porn almost all my teen years, But it must stop. No edging, no porn, no masturbation, I’m all in or all out. I will.instead do meditation, exercise, explore outside, read a whole book that is interesting, and for those urges that suddenly come, I will take cold shower.
@anon64204280 bro you have a long streak that’s amazing, you must be distracting yourself alot.
I’m proud of all the warriors here because its good for our society. Today is brand new day for me and will make the best of it everyday. :muscle: :muscle: :fire:


Go and work on your self, this is how it started with last year, all strength to you and nfers

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I liked your idea of reading books .
I too have started reading books as to improve myself …

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