Being honest with myself- Ani2031's diary

Hello everyone. It was so long that I have typed on this app my thoughts my feelings. Just kept on changing the streak by relapsing only. Long days back I had felt that happiness when my streak went slightly up after that I couldn’t manage to break this shitty routine. I want that happiness back and I want to be honest with myself with this app and with what I’m writing.this is a promise to myself.
Starting from today Feb 23
Let’s do it man it’s high tym. I wanna break this chain.
Would post daily


What messes up everything is during the night tym only. I almost relapse at night. I want to change that thing.
I’ll be visiting this app every night from today and during that tym in this journal I would confidently write a line and sleep.

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Completed one day of my journey. The journey is long but mental strength can make you do anything and I’m gonna work on it.
Let’s go on