Being hard with journey till now

Hey guys hope y all r doing great with ur journeys . I have made to quite okaish kinda a day count on no fap and as everyone else I donot want it to get relapsed.
So can someone recommend me what steps more should I for to be more focused as well as relapse prone in future​:pray::pray:

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Nice to know friend. :slightly_smiling_face: According to me-
things to avoid & do

  • avoid instagram
  • use safe browser instead of chrome ,in my opinion spin browser is totally safe which allows to surf every thing but not a single adult pic
  • youtube — use safely
  • netflix totally avoid
  • any kind of erotica
  • use bed only for sleep hours
  • workout ,start little bit
  • plan your week before starting of new week
  • journal on weekly or daily basis
  • re-visit all above points daily

Keep moving forward. :slightly_smiling_face: