Being busy = No urges

If you stay busy whole day there will be less urges and you will have better sleep coz of tiring schedule


Agreed. I personally felt this today. All the other days I had a jam-packed schedule but since, didnt make one for today, I felt a lot of urges. But overcame them!!!


Absolutely helps a lot. My longest streaks were also my busiest times. The current one is an exclusion, as I am on vacation, but I am keeping myself busy with exercis, reading, spending time with my SO and family, but also learning to spend time being alone and not resorting to PMO. Thinking is also an activity and keeping your thoughts away from anything lustful (or anything unwanted) is a worthwhile exercise and a skill worth learning.


It is true.
I try to make more hobbies but then I will be tried all day. But I hope that will help me.

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Thats the nofap hack.

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