Being assertive and dominant in conversation: Looking for case study candidates

Hi Guys,

Let’s talk about this. About your conversation skills on PMO and nofap

So some background. I work in finance and my job entails making people do something reluctantly generally leading to harsh words and mails.

Talking about pre nofap days, the conversations (e-mails) I used to write to these people used to leave a lot for misinterpretation. I left a window unknowingly, for them to comeback and bite me. Some of it may be also because of insufficient background work.

Now on day 4 (But actually Day 50 if you don’t count that stupid 1 fap), but for this experiment let’s say Day 4. I have found that my emails have become more assertive. I leave no room for error, and the person on the receiving end of the stinger has become more receptive and agreeable.

Some of them have come back to me saying this was what was needed. My boss pointed out that my conversation has become more succinct and to the point. That’s a positive takeaway.

But this little epiphany (big word, doesn’t matter) made me go through my conversations on SM. It turns out that I have become more dominating in my conversations, ready to give by a snarky remark and hold onto my own in my interactions.

Pretty sure this is the result of lower brain fog and a spike after the initial 4-5 days of abstinence.

I am going to put another version of this on the forum, I want you all to share your anecdotes, examples and experiences over there. DO THIS ATTENTIVELY AND WITHOUT FAIL as I think this observable change of being dominant and assertive will help many from continuing their streak. A good response would be motivation enough to breaking down the reason for such a boost so early.

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Anytime i cross 4 day brain fog decreases, confidence gradually increases what causes also change in a way I behave