Beginning of a journey

I began (officially) with PMO 5 days ago and I’ve been going strong so far. I’ve tried it without an app or community around me, just with me keeping track on a notepad and I found that that didn’t work well for me. However, once I’ve downloaded this app, I feel more motivated than ever.

My motivation for doing this PMO is because of this thing called the “death-grip” syndrome. I started jerking off when I was 11 or so and have done so for 10 years now. The problem was not the porn or the jerking off itself, but the fact that I’ve been gripping my penis way too tightly. Yes, it feels good, but it’s something natural sex/blowjobs cannot replicate. Basically, my brain is so hardwired to my tight-fisted masturbation that my penis is no longer as sensitive as it should be. This came to a head when I realised I simply could not cum when I’m having sex. No matter how long I do it, it just doesn’t satisfy me enough. That’s when I realised how bad masturbation is for me.

From what I have read, the effects of the “death-grip” syndrome wear off in 1 or 2 weeks of abstaining from masturbation, but I have decided that I’m going to try to push myself as far as possible. I’m going to prove my capabilities of mind over body.

Here’s to no fap forever!


Good luck with your healing.

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