Been trying to stop for over a year

No matter what I keep relapsing.

I wanted images and gave in.

No porn this time.

I think I’m permanently stuck in chaser until forever.

Instead of every 3 days, I’m getting now every 2 days. I’m getting worse

Bro, relax
You’re doing fine, you will beat this thing

Think of the real reason, why u were relapsing, and start from there

Let’s do it together

I woke up with morning wood. That was how it began.

I have a responsibility I don’t want to do anymore. But I have too.

I want to be free from this responsibility.

Dude I’ve been trying for like 3 years.
Start with 1 week or like 1 month.
Don’t go straight for a year, you will relapse.
You can join me.
Im starting from tom(6th sept) to (6th Oct)
Good luck.


I would like to reach 4 days. Can’t get past 2 or three. My problem is turning my phone on as soon as I wake up. Help me reach 4 days

Bro, when fighting this , we got to loot at all life aspects, get better in everything, don’t keep any chance for other bad habits to take you down.

Try to plan your day ahead, a day before, first 2 hours of the day don’t use your phone, and be cautious ,these is many traps which lead to relapsing
One is over thinking,
some thoughts, (from experience) might lead to relapse, so cut these thoughts from the start, distract yourself with something healthy.

And Don’t be hard on yourself, love yourself

Hey man…

Well, I am new here and there is one way I tackle this problem…

See porn was a thing I’d really rearly use since I’d hide it from people… Then it became a daily thing… then my all time low was today when I watched it in broad daylight… It was terrible to see how it went from accidentally seeing it to becoming a habit… I struggle with myself as I just didn’t believe in myself…

I know I am stronger than this… and I know I don’t need porn to survive… I am smarter then that too… I mean I have watched porn and then maybe quit it for a year or so and then I casually just fall back in… But I can stop myself… It is just the right attitude you are going to have to apply and to dedicate towards it. I mean I hated myself an hour ago going online to porn… and now I just said enough is enough and I have decided to activatly beat this permanently… I just don’t wanna do it anymore.

That I think is were you need to get at. Forgive yourself first as you failed the last time and don’t keep yourself in the past… trust me why I hate myself is I was scared of letting go of my pain and now I want to change for the better altogether and to do that is you need to realise what is holding you back. Okay from what I can tell too much phone usage and being focused on say your morning wood… Just try to avoid it or make a loophole in say journaling or reaching out on the app in the morning… Just pee and that’s it in the mornings and don’t touch the mister afterwards and avoid thinking about it.

I realised I am wanting to be happy and as I said my past is keeping me back… Emotionally it sounds stupid… but yeah I have been improving alot today. With a small bump but that’s okay as well it is a start for a better me and I truely hope for you as well.

I have to share this. Don’t fight with your unsatisfied habits, it is not a permanent solution. “ACCEPT” them as your part for sometime. But don’t work on them don’t nurish them.

Can you rise your self from them without fighting ?

Have a purpose (a way) in life and write it somewhere you can see daily. Work and nurish that goal with good habits. and don’t feed your unsatisfied habits any more…

Well yeah that’s good I do agree… on accepting your mistakes… but channeling your energy for something else is a good fight I do agree… but ypu still need to fight everyday to make the call to change who you are otherwise one just slips back into old habits…

Wanna be beter? Then fight to get better otherwise you wouldn’t get beter. I just quit my fight as it was easier. It felt beter to feel weak as people kept sympathizing and giving attention… Well one needs independence and all you are going to get it is if one actively work on it… Knowing your weaknesses and strengths and working on them makes one even stronger… You don’t need to seek and understand and validate your feelings all the time just to fit in… end of the day who are you making happy? Yourself? The Forum? Your parents, partner or whoever?

The goal is obviously to make yourself happy so that’s the most important and you only know yourself as this is a thing you wanna beat and have to live with and make the best of it and only you can fix yourself… sure others can guide you but all the fighting is on you… You fail or succeed it is not the forum it is YOU! And you need to remember that. Same for getting a six pack at the end of the month. You have to workout and eat healthy… It doesn’t help you see other people eating salads that you’ll get thinner and seeing 1000s of youtube vids of guys working out… This is obvious … Nofap is the same… if you want it you are going to have to set plans and goals in mind and strategize for it.

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