Bedwetting after a long streak

Does not Mastrubating for a long duration of over 6 months cause bedwetting?

Body tries to get rid of old sperm from testicles and replaces it with new sperm. Sometimes during sleep, sometimes during urinating(which is more likely in bigger streaks).

Read this, it might help:-

A wet dream is inevitable. Its frequency will decrease but it might still come in long time if you are on nofap

Yes. Its normal. Thats why we have them.
Congrats on 6 months.

I got a wetdream on day 5 if that can answer your question.

But how can we achieve long-term nofabs if we have this problem?
Should we have a schedule for fabing or something? Or is there any other way?

Fap is never the answer. I had 4 wet dreams this month and I’m not going to fap. Just clean yourself after having it.

Bed wetting is a normal process of everyone’s body. A non-PMO (non-fapper) will also have them in some point of their lives.

Our testis produces new sperms now and then. If the storage is already full, where will the new ones be stored?

During the day, we are all active and we control most of the spincters of our body. In sleep, body is in sub-conscious state and in such state these old sperms are thrown out of the body. It is same as we poop or we pee. We cant keep our poop in our body and keep eating for a month right? In sperm case, the production takes a bit longer duration than the production of poop.

Dont worry brother. Its a very normal process of this nature.