Becoming so successful that even success itself gets jealous- PrDr's diary

Hello. So, some people on this website already know about me. Quite a few of them even know my real name, my appearance, etc. But to all the unknown, here is my salutation.
I am currently a 26yo male living in North-Central part of India. I joined this website like exactly 2 years ago (I reckon it was 24th Nov, 2020 … time flies, damn). Back then, I was someone really fighting the habit of PMO. Besides I was also preparing for civil services exams. And unfortunately, I wasn’t able to succeed in either of my endeavours. Moreover, I had no friends back then, let alone having a girl friend.
Times were hard, covid was on its peak, people were dying, I was failing continuously and was so down and out that I wasn’t even myself anymore. I used to be a really jacked guy back in March-April, 2021 … but after that first because of covid and then because of dengue , my health fell and I could never get back to that state again. Also, my studies took a real hit amidst all of this and I completely got out of touch of studies. In such a depressed state, by the end of 2021, I decided to take a long break from this forum and all the components of my past life in general.
Comes 2022. Since I was desperate and lucky enough to be admitted in M.Sc. programme of a prestigious central university, I took admission there. For the first two months, our classes ran online, during which I became the favourite person of my classmates. I was in a debate team that won 1st prize on national level. Amidst all of this, my furious and desperate brain even got me a gf that I wouldn’t see till our offline classes began.
When our offline classes began, I found out that the girl whom I was drooling over wasn’t attractive at all. Moreover, she even had a strange personality which didn’t attract me much. But I could see that she had some real feelings for me and so out of respect for that I foolishly allowed her to force herself upon me. I went to hotel with her twice, and we dis a lot of things, but I always stopped myself from crossing that last line as I knew I’d leave her soon. And that day did come. I left her and I’m sorry for her, but that was how it was. I hope she finds someone way better than me who truly loves her.
Anyways, I got good marks in 1st sem. During our 1st and 2nd sem, I got close to some guys and in one of them, I found my best friend. Very nice person. I even moved next to his room to stay in contact with him most of the times. But I had to leave in September end.
Around the same time in September end, we went on a trip to Uttarakhand. What a beautiful place, and once again I became the class favourite… and once again I fell for a girl, but this time for real. She is a very nice girl, in addition to being really pretty. Looking at her inside-out, I find her to be perhaps the most beautiful girl I have ever met. But I knew, we would have to part one day. Unfortunately, that day came too soon, as I expressed my feelings to her pretty quickly… maybe too quickly. But good thing is that we stay in contact somehow. I hope she gets whatever she wants.
So, these days have been quite hard. I had a major heard break that really shattered me to pieces. Unfortunately, my best friend has stopped talking to me as well. And if it was not enough, I even fell seriously ill. :joy:


So, here’s why I’m starting my diary again-

  1. I have to become successful asap and at any cost.
  2. I really have to heal myself.
  3. I have to become the best version of myself.

Simple things to be achieved-

  1. Keep myself busy most of the time.
  2. Study a lot and apply them wisely.
  3. Stay humble, respectful and kind towards everyone, no matter how I am feeling.
  4. Work out, run, etc to lose weight.
  5. Learn new skills.
  6. No procrastination.

Tools required-
Books (+ laptop) , digital detox, mental will power, meditation.

From tomorrow, I’ll be updating the following-

  • My day in terms of hours
  • Mobile phone usage (outside of study hours)
  • Self study
  • Exercise routine

With that note, I should say good night for today.


Hell yeaah broooo :fire::fire::fire:. Awesome title, I guess my words from yesterday did inspire you😂

Welcome back to the forum mate :handshake:. We are gonna level up together.


For the time being, I’m gonna keep this qualitative rather than quantitative, so no measurement of my endeavours for now. First I need to ensure that I’m even ticking all the boxes.
So, as for yesterday,

  1. I’m still lost. I tried to sleep as much as I can to get over all these thoughts.
  2. I couldn’t do meditation or exercise as I can’t find enough time in the morning and I’m too tired and full to do that in the evening.
  3. I did study a bit… don’t know how much but still, I’m improving and thats important. Not gonna change it overnight.
  4. I didn’t use phone much, but I did use whatsapp to chat with Samaranjay in the morning, and then chat with 2 other people for like 30 minutes in the night. I was even stupid enough to still send a message to that girl, but it was only to ask her to put on a dp. Of course, she ignored my message. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Gotta focus on my own dignity and stop caring about her altogether.

My own success is the most important thing in my life… that is the most precious gift I can give to the people I love.


Bruh :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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Come on bro… :expressionless: You know how serious and real it was. Give me some weeks or months or maybe years. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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PrDr you are my BrDr (brother)

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Bruh :joy:. Wishing you speedy recovery :rofl:.