Be careful of the friends you make in 2023, i hope this story gives you something to think about

Before King Ahmed of Ottoman went to war, he locked his wife (the beautiful Queen) in a private room and gave the key to his best friend Mousa and said: "If I’m not back in four days, open the room and she’s yours … "

He climbed on his horse and gallops off towards the battlefield. Half an hour later, the King noticed a cloud of dust behind him. He stopped and saw his friend galloping very fast towards him.

“What’s wrong ?” Asked the King. Out of breath, his friend Mousa responded: “You gave me the wrong key”


Can you imagine !

He didn’t even wait for the said 4days before trying the keys.

Be careful with the one you consider your best “friends” and whom you think you can entrust them with your hard earned treasure - they could be wishing you dead soon and hopefully inherit your God-given fortune!

Just an Advice. #NobleTogether


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