Be a manager, not a willpower machine

The first thing you do is to use browser filters to block porn sites. Unsubscribe from porn content on each platform you have. Make sure you minimize erotic content as much as possible. You don’t need any hot sluts in your Instagram or social networks.

You should make impossible to reach porn in one click. You should not involve yourself in fighting when possible and preserve your willpower for real fight once it is inevitable. Draining your willpower 24/7 is a way to relapse. You need to be able to rely on objective features. You manage and combine them as a strategic CEO. In case you face an empty space in your objective management you use subjective management which means you spend your precious willpower points. You must move to objective management as fast as you can to stop your willpower from draining. And to let your willpower points recover untill you face the weakspot next time. Bad management = lots of weakspots = constant draining willpower = relapse once it hits 0.

I am not a fan of building multiple habits at the same time like waking up at 5 a.m. and going jogging. Building any habits require willpower and management. Multiple projects where to spend willpower points and mental energy for management decreases the effectiveness in each particular one and increases risks of losing control. Especially at the very start, while your habit is too weak to be autonomous and always requires your high-value willpower fuel. This fuel is damn expensive.

You should have emergency distractions. You should have things to do during the day and during your free time because once you bored and tired you want the simplest available dopamine boost.

This is a game, this is a damn game man. We are not willpower machines. Just be a manager, just play it.


Here’s the problem, i tried to use applocks on my phone, but any of those apps didn’t work as well as i hope, ( there are some misses on the apps )the only option i have is to change to other phone, what will you do in this case?

I would manually add addresses of the porn sites you use to your phone browser black list. Or tried another blocker app.

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I’ve tried with many of them, but always find a mess, it’s a better option a phone with native lockers, like huawei or xiaomi.

It’s a nice perspective, easypeasy book too says not to rely on willpower. I suggest everyone to read that book

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Mr @EqEq we prepare our mind for this conciously but what about subconcious mind? Our brain is so rewired that it’s brainwashed to think that porn is the real feeling of sex but the truth is exact opposite. We always prepare our mind in this journey cautiously but the main thing is that we don’t even try to prepare our mind subconciously. It’s a very scary thing that even when we are doing noFap there’s a little monster in one of us that is saying “watch porn, one peek doesn’t matter” and lot a more bullshit. So in addition to what we do, the best thing is that we say to our mind that “PORN IS A POISON AND I AM NOT CONSUMING IT” or “I AM FREE FROM THIS ADDICTION AND I DONT WANT TO TEST MYSELF BY WATCHING PORN AGAIN, I AM VERY GOOD WITHOUT IT!”
So the choice is ours? To be a slave of pornography or be our best version of ourselves, having a sweet family with kids hugging you and your wife beside you being proud of having you.


That’s a good question.
You know, I like the idea I was once told. It is the idea of free will. It means that you are a master of your own decisions. That if your personality actually makes a choice to quit masturbating you should not be driven by your biological programmes, by your social environment, by media or let’s say matrix you live in. Because you have a free will to be able to do it without distractions coming from the other sources. You - the real, actual you, your particular personality that tries to operate your body and make conscious decisions - you have enough freedom not to do what you don’t want to. Yes, your body needs nutrition, it wants sex, it is lazy and so on. Sometimes you follow its lead but when so at the same time you KNOW that it is not the thing that REAL YOU wants to do. There comes your free will. You have to realize your fundamental right to dominate over any circumstance that drives you away from your own legitimate strivings. This approach sometimes requires sort of separation of your personality from your physical environment and even from your own body. I believe you won’t get crazy. Just keep in mind that you can use this instrument. To be proud and free enough to do what REAL YOU wants to do. Without being enslaved in these frames of reality.


I’m impressed by your attitude Masha Allah. I saw this in only few nofappers. I like that. May Allah help you in this journey. Ameen


Hey brother, you are Muslim and you have “05” in your nickname. May I guess - are you from Russia, Dagestan?


Yes I’m Muslim Alhamdulillah but what it have to do with my nickname with 5.
As for my nationality I will not declassify, sorry.


I have no problem with that, you can keep your personal information. I can explain why I asked that.

“05” is a well-known automobile code number of Dagestan which is one of the regions in Russia. It is also a Muslim region. You can check it out yourself. So 1+1 and I made this educated guess. I could be wrong but anyway it was an interesting coincidence.

Sorry for any confusion about this intervention.


Thank you for understanding man, and I know Dagestan is a Muslim region because of Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov and no need to be sorry for that, I may have also the same if I where in your shoes Insha Allah.


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