Basic rule of life

Rule of life.

If there’s a mentality which will serve you well, it is that of the eternal student. Thinking you have nothing to learn, that you are a master of something or thinking that you have completely solved life just cuts you off from further learning. The masters of their craft realize that to become a great, you have to constantly be learning.

Everyone you meet has something new to teach you, whether or not they teach you directly - or you indirectly take some lesson from interacting with them.

Even people you dislike can highlight something within you that you can work on or show you how you don’t want to act towards others.

The greatest calling is to teaching others, to making them more aware and conscious. When we teach others, we are teaching ourselves, for the separation of our bodies is but a limited 3D illusion. This is why it feels so rewarding to help others; focus on yourself to a certain point so that you can act from a place of abundance, but wherever possible help those that are further behind the path than you, so that you can contribute to their success in whatever way you can. In this you shall find more reward than gold.


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