Basic Reboot Group


…i don’t have much more to say about this addiction but I know that people who truly wanted to end this addiction are successful at this. People have to understand that this habit is poisonous… Doing it is a punishment for self…


How is your journey going bro ?


October … November … & … December

2018 mein Reboot karna ka last chance.

3 months left of 2018…

Put your name in ScoreBoard. Jai hanuman ka nam lekar khud jayo maiden mein.


Getting better but sometime there is huge urge and feel to masterbate, now 22 days streak. Hope to cross 30




yes mere bhai @Resurrection iss baar karna hi hae…
streak- 4 days


If you can win over your urges… you can do anything in your life.
There is a choice always with you.
Choose Energy & Time over shame & Weakness.


Its only 39 days bro it’s going easy


39 is a big deal for most of us here… Congrats…


:mega: Shoutout to @Aoshigreen who just Relapsed.
Lets Discuss your Relapse so that we all can learn from it.


Forgive me guys for relapsing.

I’m not feeling crap and I don’t intend on getting in a emotion, psychological mess.

My circumstances - Just got back to UK from Germany, after a 14 hours on the road.
So I’m relaxing (though I never made that plan) but I put no small actions into the making,
ie, just having a shower, clean up my room, breakfast,… little simple things.

I haven’t been negative, but unpositive, perhaps just not snapping out of a dull mindset.

I shouldn’t have looked in the first place, and should always recognise viewing is never an option.
Action is always an option, and a free choice.

So I’m choosing to not feel crap, get up and move on.


Sorry for late reply Bro, Bhai wo 40 days life k best days the M bahut khus rahta tha but Kya karoo distraction hi itna environment m h chah k bhi na rok paya Ek din achanak see mood hua ki porn dekhta hoo but hilaonga nahi to fir us din to nahi hilaya next day same feeling only watching no touching but us din pata hi nahi Chala kab Mera hath Chala Gaya aur m apne aap ko Rok na saka .Uske bad Bhai itna guilt hua gussa bhi aa Raha tha apna streak ko 0 zero but Kya kare
Be honest…


Let’s Do Something Big…:joy:


Bhai konsa app h yeh


Bhai ye sirf ek counter hai
Take a look at “Sobriety Counter – Bad Habits”


Relapsed after 21 days of bliss. I would like to join you also… code- i1w3hx
Male, 26, Indian
I would very much like to complete 90 days to 2019


Since many of you Indians are here, i would like to ask for help. You would understand my situation.

I am a student, preparing for govt exams in Delhi in a high stress environment. Most of the hours in a day confined to a room for studying and hence this often leads to boredom-> masturbation.
I can’t have much change in my daily routine bcz of the studies. Then how can I improve it, to motivate and stop myself.? Your suggestions welcome.


Which exam you are preparing ? How long you are addicted to this habit ?


I have put your name on Scoreboard on pg. No. 2 . There update your streak once in a while.


Come here brethren, put your name on Scoreboard. Take my hand and walk with me towards Heaven.