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To Remove excess thoughts


I am adding you but update your days yourself daily on ScoreBoard.

May you break your previous best this time together with me.


Laughter is Best Medicine


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I’m on a 26 days streak, I started on the first day of September.

21 yo, in pharmacy. I’m trying to do my best and socialize and study properly, and I don’t have time for useless distractions. Let’s do our best!

Edit : I’m in France if that is any relevant.


Whats your Country ?


I’m in France my dude.


I m still struggling brother.with this bloddy fapppy thing, I don’t want to fap and I m feeling myself as helpless ,btw whats your current streak, and in india where you are from


From 25 march to 28 June this year 2018 and that was my first time ,on 28 June I fapped and that’s my biggest mistake from then till now I m struggling alot to recover from this


Currently on 8th day.
I cant tell you my exact location. I also dont want to reveal my true name & family.

I have already discussed about it in one of my posts that there is a process of sexual urge. Once it crosses a limit we cant help ourself but to fap.
The solution is dont feed ur urges. Simply dont watch hot erotic videos. Find actual girlfriend and social connections.

To become successful you have to suffer, once you completly begun to understand the futility of fapping, you will quit automaticaly. There is only one way of winning this war by trying again & again no matter how many years it take but set your mind only at this goal. Your mind will run from it. Grab him and again try nofap. One day your mind will be tamed like a good horse and it will do whatever you want in your life

*As you say you had tamed Your mind for 3 months but you didnt lead a disciplined life & you let it loose as you become comfortable & happy with your achievement. You feed your urges. At this point discipline plays a major role. Once you are on right road to keep it ascending you have to be disciplined. Never underestimate Porn & hell. It will attract you. Only a disciplined man can cut the webs of this illusion & see the truth

The men who became celibates has said these. They say When they sit and automaticaly they go in meditation and suddenly their soul is thrown out of their body in another dimension. They call it Bliss.They get connected with The One.they compare it with orgasm.The feeling of Orgasm is a tiny bit taste of Bliss. If there are a billion layers of Bliss. Orgasm is just one layer of that bliss, Orgasm only lasts for some seconds but bliss is eternal. They remain always happy & contented with life. I believe in them

To achieve that state of bliss one must also not drink alcohol or drugs. As intoxicated body is not pure. The more the awareness, the closer it gets to that state, they say.


Shoutout to Foxer @foxer
32 Days…
Plz Describe your 32 days… journey.
I want every detail.



That’s the main problem bro we didn’t take this seriously I think somewhere we are not taking it seriously that’s why we are not achieving what we should


:joy::joy::joy::rofl: bhai kha akshay ko fssa rha h sarif aadmi h wo


This is funny af :joy::joy::rofl:


Sharif aadmi hi sabse bade lucche hote hain.
Dar Dar ke jeena wala hi muthal hota hain.
Akshay had many affairs.
I am not defaming Akshay. I like him.
I post it just to bring some happiness in the group.
Enjoy :smiley: Laughter is the best medicine.



To all unmarried man,
Do nofap to get your woman of dreams.


Kabhi kabhi to aisa lagta h jese apun hi bhagwan hai​:laughing::joy: shi khel rha h bhai keep it up @brucelee


Bhai me jb 96 das ki streak me tha na to on average mujhey hr 9th night or wet dream hota tha ,accha hua kya ki issi beech me chla gya apne gaaon to uswaqt mene mobile chuna hi bnd kardiya tha mainly sone se 2 ghnta pehle me mobile nhi chuta tha and during that period of 15 days mujhey wetdream nhi hua mujhey lgga agr kuch alag hua h to wo ye ki mene sone se kuch der pehle that’s 2 ghnta pahle apne mind ko fully relax chor diya na koi mobile na kuch full rest so mera mind raat k waqt thik rehta tha jiske karan mereko wetdream nhi aaye ,accha gaaon se aane k baad jb mera relapse hua aur uske baad mene jb dobra try kiya to me 30 days ki streak me gya tha and during that mene rule bnaya tha ki me mobile nhi chunga raat me sone se pehle atleast one hour pehle aur bhai belevie me mereko wetdream nhi hua ,atlast all that what I want to say that apne mind ko proper dhang se kaam ke dene k liye usko rest zaruri h so sone se ek dedh ghnta pehle aap mobile ka use bnd krdo wetdream bndd hone k chnces h and try kro ki sidha peeth k baal so puri raat wetdream bnd hojayngey according to my beliefs and experiences


Haan mere sath bhi aisa hua hai
jab mera phone kharab ho gya tha to main 15 din bina phone ke rha tha, 20 din tak koi fail wail nhi hua tha ye meri high streak (wed dream) mein se ek tha