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Almost Everybody makes fun of a Weak Man.
One of the reasons for nofap success.


Iam proud,good job my friend hope better is to come


Day 4,yesterday i was the best player in the basketball match i made the team win. I also broke up with the girl that is effecting me negatively and that made me cheers gentlemen :beers:


I am happy for your win.


Thanks man , this community had kept me motivating, guys like you guided , and here I’am with strong will power. You are doing a great job bro.


Always at your service mate.


No I just had a weakness stronger than others and I just gave in


What kind of weakness ? Explain plz.


Life can not be put in books & internet.
I hate people we thinks Science is the end all and be all.
Life is beyond Science.


Day 4

Encountered an accidental Urge today and win over it.
I didnt watch promo erotic video.

My question is If someone makes fun of your awkward moments behind you. What will be your reaction ?
Would you go and fap again ? OR The best revenge would get yourself better and king of social moments ?
Or there some another way ?


Ok, so now I come to the most important thing to know in NoFap.
The thing is, everybody knows day 1 is easy. So is day 2, and then it becomes harder. Why? Because you watched something that triggered more or less your subconscious mind. It’s not necessarily a hot girl on an ad that just popped in front of your face on the internet, it can just be a simple photo of a random girl, without any erotic meaning or whatever.
To come to the main idea, all these little triggers end up rooting in your mind. Even though you’re not aware of it, NoFap becomes a little harder every time you stack more triggering content. Then your mind will get hungry of those triggers, you’ll start going on social media to see pictures of cute girls and end up on a porn website, where you will eventually fap. Of course, this whole process can go in 1 hour or 4 days, if you resist it. But you will still give up in the end. This is how I went from going casually on Instagram scrolling down the search page to going on porn websites edging and finally fapping.
You see, every little trigger makes your journey more difficult.
I believe that you will never succeed to free yourself from masturbation if you keep trying to avoid those triggers, because believe me, there will always come one, by accident or not, and you will slowly start to go down the slope that leads to fapping.
What you must do, in my opinion, is not of course watch those triggers intentionally, but try to not see them with lust or envy when you eventually see one. I am sure that this is how we can work to get out of this addiction, by respecting these people by not watching them with lust and envy. Anyway, if you do, whatever how long it will take, you will end up relapsing.
So the way to follow is the one of respect and self discipline rather than trying to avoid triggers and not face difficulties.
This was only my own opinion, that comes from my own experience, but I hope it will help you and all those who read this.
Good luck guys,


Yeah, you are right. We must learn to face our triggers.


Hello bro, I want to join with you.


You are welcome here bro.
Join anytime.


Congrats for 30 days porn free.


How to join? I am a new user.


There is a Scoreboard on page no. 2 of this Group.
There write your name, days etc. acc. To the format .


Self Respect has gone up a little. No more taking bullies by anyone.
#Day 6


Dont copy him, this is just to make fun of masturbators.
We are over that, we are on a Reboot.


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