Basic Reboot Group 💯

30 days :metal::smile:
Upgrade me to the fire arena :fire:


I’m in again. Thanks for the opportunity

“We all are caged inside our minds. We are no longer free to take our actions” Só true


And how are you doing, Bro?

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I relapsed on day 12. Back to day 1.

Hi I’m new here. Started nofap in 2018. Went through a lot of relapses and resets. My highest streak was 115 days HARD MODE. So here goes my details:
Name- Abhinav
Highest streak- 115 days
Current streak- 22 days
I don’t know what sharing code means. Is it compulsory?
Also, I need a serious accountability partner in my nofap journey who has a burning desire to take this to a new level. ANY BROTHER INTERESTED??


DAY 90+ :+1:
Please upgrade me to the crown arena with the welcome
:crown: :wink:


@BruceLee promoted to Crown arena :crown:


Hey bro, sharing code is in ‘companions’ :busts_in_silhouette:
And just click the blue circle

I’ve added my informations in the scoreboard as required.
I’m also mentioning them here:
Name - Leandro Rodrigues
Highest streak- 90 days
Current streak - 88 days
Sharing Code - tatgsw


Day 2 for me. I felt the urge and started touching myself. Then I opened the app and read all your stories and inspirations. Urge has passed. Longest streak was 30 days then I had wet dream, after that day, I started watching porn and masturbaring nonstop…scary. what should I do when I have a wet dream? How to control the urge?


Wet dreams should not cause urges. It should become easier to control.

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Today i have passed the great record streak of @BruceLee for this challenge. I remember when i first started this process. It felt sooo far away. Thanks for the motivation my friend. Keep going strong!