Basic Reboot Group πŸ’―


Update: I have completed the contents page. I have decided the topics. The task has begun, finally. I ended up deciding to write some details. The post will not be single; there will be around 40 episodes. There is an exam on Tuesday. So, I will continue this task on Wednesday. It will take only one or two weeks after that. Then, I will start posting one episode per day.


Best of luck for your exams


Day 0: I have added myself to the group. I am answerable to this group now. NoFap forever.


How can i join yours? Im really really noob


Just read the first post of this thread and add your name in the scoreboard.


Welcome to the group @amitkum689


some motivation from someone


UPDATE: I have completed 1/3 of this task today. :smiley:


UPDATE: I have completed half of this task today. :smiley::smiley: The story is coming soon.

Edit: 2/3rd finished…


This task is over. I just need to edit some things. I can start posting tomorrow.


The trailer is out. Check the forum!

AnkitK's Past Life (Finally... πŸ˜…)


Congratulations! @weir