Basic Reboot Group πŸ’―


Nice man. 150 is a great number. Ill be there soon to. Congrats.


So maybe we post a discussion topic. I would like to hear from people over 90 days. What has been the biggest struggle since crossing that mark?


@AnkitK please add me to this group, I am on day 41. Longest streak 58 days.


Welcome to this group @amitkum689. You can add your name in the scoreboard in the above format. :+1:


I messed up. Sorry guys. Was half asleep and fed my urges.

But seeing how bad it feels to write these lines, I promise I ll bounce back and not fall into any trap.


I have put your name in the Hall of Fame.


Hang in there man. Its not easy but you can do it all again. Just keep going.


I felt pathetic…gf giving emotional trouble! Lost my streak! I really feel down


Just started 1 sharing code 0hlnku


I have competed 50 days… Upgrade me to star’s zone.


Congratulations! @ShivHanu



Congrats! @BruceLee :partying_face:


I just upgraded my self on scoreboard

:star2: Weir :india: b5m3hrγ€Š Days 59


Can i join?? Longest was 63 days


Yes, you can join. Just add your details in the scoreboard if you want to join. Update your streak regularly.


30 Days Completed :metal: :hugs:
Upgrade me to the Fire Arena :fire:


@Invincible_Knight promoted to fire arena :fire:



Count me in guys…
Current Streak: 1
Highest Streak: 5
Age: 20
Gender: M
Location: :india:
Sharing Code: 07tack


You can add your name in the scoreboard. You are most welcome.


I am not getting sufficient time to do this and when I actually get some time, I feel like relaxing a bit. So, I have decided to cut the details and keep the essence. I will also include things learnt and my weaknesses and how I am going to handle those. I will also include the mistakes I was doing recently and new amendments done to correct them. I will finish it within a week as it has been on my task list for very long and pending works do not give good feeling. IT WILL BE A SINGLE LONG POST. I am tired of postponing it. I will finish this shit ASAP.