Basic Reboot Group πŸ’―


@PatrickJ Congrats!! You can put your name in the diamonds arena now.


I have added my name in the scoreboard.


Thanks AnkitK! I updated this. I couldnt get the diamond pic though.


@AnkitK, starting tomorrow I will try to stay away from my phone for a few weeks. Please don’t remove me for inactivity. I am still going strong on nofap.


May I come in , please ?
Name - Accelerator1
Highest and current streak 60 days
Sharing code 07090y


Yes, please put your details in the scoreboard in the famous format.


Hey i wanna join… Relapsed after 15 days…


Enter your name and details in the scoreboard in the famous format.


Ankit bro add it for me… I dont know how to add it
Age 17
Current streak - 1 day
Longest streak - 61 days
Sharing code - b757e5


There is a pencil mark at the right bottom of the scoreboard. Tap on it. You should do it yourself because you have to update it regularly. :slightly_smiling_face:




Whats up rebooters! Im closing in on 100 days. Feeling good. Looking forward to all of the compound benefits.


Hello fapstronauts! Tighten your suits. Keep going…



Hi again guys… I’m back.


100 days in the books rebooters!


5 Fapstronauts have made it to the Roses arena. Everyone should come here. Then the purpose of this group will be served.


Coming soon…:facepunch::facepunch:for sure…


@Edsheil27 @Swapnil @dman @ConanEdogawa @positivityiskey @LonelySurvivor @Bobbieboi @pierretomas18 @Aragorn

Please update your streaks.


I updated it’s ok now


So less people in the under 30…and no under 60! What happened people? Not motivated enough to compete?