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How did you relapse bro ?
Your streak was going good at 70 days.


Hello companions, I am leaving this app for a while to not hang around to often here on my smartphone - however I am more and more dedicated to nofap/no-orgasm and to a happy life! All the best to you, keep strong, keep going, keep smiling even if you crawl on the reboot ground :slight_smile:
And thanks a lot for being here and walking this path together!



(Please Learn from my experience !!!)
This is the highest streak which I last achieved on 23 March 2016. Until then an infinite cycle of relapses and procrastination. For beginners I will strongly suggest to break this cycle as soon as possible for your own sake because you are the one who is losing everything both physically and mentally. You will be deprived of your true emotion. You literally will become a true zombie. In my initial days I used to think that PMO is a healthy practice which helped in releasing my stress.

But truly speaking It is a bad practice and it will eat you from within. You will hurt all the persons you love the most.

I discovered this app in October 2018(from God grace), and this was biggest U-turn in my life. After joining this community, I came to know that PMO addiction works like a drug and it drains lots of vital energy which we need in day to day routine and firefighting. While joining this community you should have left this bad habit. (I haven't relapsed a single day since October 2018). I see lots of people still struggling with this PMO Addiction which make me sad but we all are here to help you all. 30% of the battle is won when you truly realize that PMO is a bad habit.

When you will introspect with this bad habit and years you put in fuelling this PMO addiction, you will realize that lots of bad events happened to you in your life due this addiction (Just find time to contemplate on this issue, it’s really important).

Regarding urge issue:
Believe me this is completely a psychological effect. Nothing really happens in physical level. So you can easily overcome this issue. I haven't felt this so called urges in these 86 days. (Believed me when you will come to know that you yourself is fucking your own life, urges simply won’t come. If you don't believe me then just try yourself)

Now the last part HOW to Do it:

Follow these simple steps:(practical and time tested steps)

  1. Say good bye to all social networking sites in initial days i.e. 90 days (Hard Mode). [I have never joined any of these sites ever in my life which added to my advantage]

  2. Install Ad Guard in mobile and laptop.

  3. Install Spin browser in mobile and disable incognito mode in all browsers in laptop.

  4. Use Vanced Youtube App for mobile.

  5. Turn on Safe Search in google search.

  6. Regularly do exercise and meditation.

7.Use Family DNS in mobile and laptop.

8.Don’t get carried way with trigger contents which are floating in every sphere of our life.

  1. (Most difficult Step) Tell your PMO Addiction problem to someone you love the most in this world.

It is easier said than done. But Please do these steps in order to revive your own life back in track again.

"Be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

(After completing 90 days of HARD MODE, people around you will tell you that you are changing.) Stay healthy and fit. It takes 2-3 years of HARD MODE for complete and healthy recovery.

I hope that this detailed write up will help someone.

Make this world a safe place again.

Thank you all for this wonderful support!!

From Tangled09


महर्षि दयानंद से उनके ब्रह्मचर्य का रहस्य पूछा गया "क्या आपको कभी काम भाव नहीं आता?
महर्षि ने उत्तर दिया - अवश्य आता है किन्तु उसे मेरी कुटिया के बाहर ही इंतजार करना पढ़ता है क्यूंकि वह मुझे कभी खाली ही नहीं पाता। यही उनके ब्रह्मचर्य का रहस्य था।

भाई अपने आप को किसी लक्ष्य के प्रति समर्पित कर दो कभी खाली मत रहो, जीवन में कुछ तो लक्ष्य होगा।

मुझे 24 दिन हो गए हैं खुद को व्यस्त रखता हूँ अब गलत विचार भी नहीं आते, जीवन में बदलाव महसूस कर रहा हूं।
छोटे भाई ने कुछ अधिक कह दिया हो तो क्षमा करना।

ब्रह्मचर्य ही परम आनंद है।


How did you felt on Day 21 ?

Actualy i have to attend a marriage of one of my relatives on my 21st day. I am currently on day 8 … i have low energy & can’t do much work… confidence is also low.
So, Will it be fine by the 21st day to get me through the social event confidently ?


I was a very very shy boy even didn’t used to talk with relatives (how dumb I was) after 14th day suddenly i started to communicate with strangers with eye contact :slight_smile:
*benefits: yes confidence and self respect boosted up.

I woke up in morning. That day was my 21th countdown, I was feeling so motivated, positive to life and a lot of will power. My efficiency is increasing every day.

Seriously, I don’t know last time when I thought to surf that useless thing on web.
Didn’t felt any illness during this journey, WBC becomes stronger.

Started behaving like a Man not boy. Manhood feeling is increased :muscle:
I am very happy :slight_smile:

*RULE :- Keep Yourself Busy in Good Work :fire::fire:


@Resurrection It was indeed going really well. Woke up in the middle of the night hard and had the urge to play with it and didn’t stop myself from fapping and moments later I had a very unsatisfying orgasm.

I’m good with it though, I may not have made it to 90 days this time, but I still look at it as a success. Sure I had a setback but am doing so much better than I ever thought would be possible just 6 months ago. Last summer there was rarely a day that went by without PMO for me, and now that I know I can easily go with out it seems like it is no longer a habit for me. That to me is a win right there.

I credit this group and the scoreboard with getting me through the the earliest (and hardest) days of my journey. Early on, one of my biggest motivations to continue was just seeing my name climb up the scoreboard. If not for the scoreboard here, I probably wouldn’t have made it past 30 days. So thanks for creating it and motivating all of us.


Be like river…u rise up or fall down and again rise up like a wave of river, but keep flowing, keep moving ahead and to keep moving u must be ready to rise and fall and rise, that’s the only to flow and flowing is the only way to move ahead in life…the still water is always meant to rotten even if it is stored in a million dollar bottle… moving ahead is the only option…keep flowing brothers, rise and fall and rise…keep flowing !!


I will take your fall as a lesson in my journey.
I would never touch the hard cock nor press it against bed.



(I did not originally write this, i do not take any credit for this, just wanted to share this.)

Stage 0 (Pre-NoFap) You’re a functioning human being, but you have no idea why you lose the energy that you “used” to have. The enthusiasm, passion and purity of heart. You know you’re capable of more, but when you act as such, people tend to not take it seriously. Your opinion is weak and people may step all over you. Additionally, you being single is just a part of life, just like the sky being blue. Having a girlfriend would be the oddity.

Also your grades aren’t terrible, but they kind of suck. You probably balance out your D’s and get B’s in your other classes. It’s weird, despite your intelligence, you’re not capable of accomplishing more. You have an inconsistent sense of excellence. Sometimes you impress people, sometimes you let them down, it’s hard to know for sure.

You’re kind of out of touch with people. For some reason you can’t relate to anybody. Is it because “I’m different?” You say. Probably not, it’s because you’re awkward. If you saw a lion that snuck into the cave and pawed itself to naked pictures of other lions, would you expect that lion to relate to the other ones?


Last but not least, women are fucking difficult to attract. For whatever reason, they don’t want you. All the good women are taken or very stuck up, which is probably why nobody wants them. (Which is false by the way). There’s like this invisible barrier, for whatever reason, you are not seen by the opposite sex.

Stage 1 (Hell Yeah, Let’s Get It Crackin!) You made it to the olympics. You haven’t won any medals yet, but you feel like a bad ass. You may even get a lot done this week and attract a couple of ladies, if you want. This isn’t the norm, but you have so much pure enthusiasm and energy right now and the people around you feed off that, even if it feels very temporary.

This immediate effect is the 7 day boost

Stage 2 (Still Pumped Bro!) You’re not as pumped as before, but you are still getting things done. At this point, you’ll notice the effects wearing off, and the temptation to fap will be getting stronger with each passing moment. This is the time where you’ll be using the hell out of the NoFap emergency button. This is probably the most difficult phase and can last for quite some time. This is the point where you also may feel stressed. Your body simply doesn’t know how to cope without a sexual outlet. In fact, you may hop on Tinder and sleep with the first chick you match up with just to get past the frustration.


You will also have trouble sleeping, so you’ll have to get an ice pack from the freezer and put it on your balls so that you can finally fall sleep.

You may also, start seeing women glance at you for the 1st time.

Stage 3 (Flatline, NoFap is a Myth?) This is the stage where you still have some confidence, but you’re no longer seeing any type of benefit from NoFap. Everything is back to normal, nobody really sees you, and you pretty much have no advantage in life. You are still attracted to women, however, you really have no interest in any specific woman. Your eyes will want sex, but your body… “Meh.”

Also you don’t have more energy. You’ll probably oversleep a couple of times, you’ll still have difficulty getting over your ex (if you’re still in that category). Most of all, you’ll start doing stupid shit to regain that momentum again (even fapping so that you can hit that 7 day boost.). People sense your lack of energy and super self-confidence so they’ll start criticizing you over bullshit. Which may further escalate your need to fap for that 7 day boost. And to make sure you don’t “lose it” from not “using it”.

Please Don’t.

This flatline is temporary. It feels like your life is back to normal, but it’s not, your mind is just resetting itself for a crazy turn around. Faith is the big word here

Stage 4 (Post Flatline, Okay, So I Wasn’t Wasting My Time) This is the stage where you start rising in confidence again. During this time, you’ll have some significant private victories. This private victories will give you a great deal of confidence. You’ll be celebrating things for awhile, so when you do reach your major goals - everyone else will probably be more shocked than you.

This stage is like putting gas back in the car and starting the engine. It just feels good to be driving around with a full-tank again, it gives you tremendous confidence and people can sense it.

Stage 5 (“Holy Shit You Just Turned Your Car Into a Spaceship”) This is the stage where you hit your major goals. Starting a business, landing a nice job, getting your 1st customers, and losing a lot of body fat. I know the recommended amount is about 2 pounds of fat per week, however, just throw all that shit out the window during this phase. You’ll have a lot of energy to burn, you’ll lose a lot of fat rather quickly and it’ll be completely healthy. You’ll lose more fat in this phase than all the previous ones combined.

Your grades will go up, you’ll start going on more dates. You’ll have more money in your bank account. Your family will be proud to claim you as a son again (or daughter), and overall, the quality of your life will be way different. Hence the analogy. People will start to believe in you again because they’ve seen that you’ve turned your car into a damn spaceship.

Stage 6 (Colonize a New Planet) You’re not even from this earth anymore. You’re a completely different person, and although you still kept your friends, they barely recognize you but if they are your best buds, then you will raise the prestige of your inner circle. In fact, you raise the prestige of nearly everybody that you know. When I say colonize a planet, I mean, you’ve started a completely different life.

At this point, you assume pornography is an outdated concept. You may accidentally click on a link and see a provocative act. You’ll either respond with laughter or utter disgust.

The old you is a person that you don’t even recognize. It’s similar to living two separate lives.

The reason why I don’t put days or timelines, is because it varies for everyone, but this entire process for me, on average, took about a year, each time.

-Shared from Rewire Companion app


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