Basic Reboot Group πŸ’―


Entering new year head on with 102 day streak :smiley::smiley:


Happy new year. With all the struggle.
This anthem I truly relate and believe

" let impure blood water our fields"
Hail Gaul,Hail Europa! And down with the tyranny!




90 days has been over since I last stroked my junior , 90 days since I broke up with pixel women, 90 days in the search for inner self.
This group has been a lot of help along with others who wrote motivational posts. So I credit my success to all of you.
Now the real battle begins.


Congratulations friend.

You are amazing


The group suddenly looks empty…people have moved on to other challenges I guess


This is not a competition. This is a platform for basic reboot. Just keep editing streaks and watch and and smile. If you want to say something, post it. :slightly_smiling_face: People are busy in competitive groups and real life.


No what I mean is the scoreboard… Earlier a lot more names used to be there. Not talking about group posts.


Yes, I agree. People are inactive.


We have removed all people who doesnt update their streaks.

Only tough people are surviving and they are at the top of the table.


That’s good.

Inactive people should be thrown out


Ok. That explains it


Is the basic reboot number 90?


Yes. Then we go to roses arena :rose:


β€œBe not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.”


Cool. 6 days to get there. You know the biggest challenge for me still is my dreams. Its like my brain can take over subconsiously. I wake up and re-iterate that i will not stand for that behavior anymore. I guess its part of the rewire process.


My problem is I have no work to do now. I do not know what should I do. Doing nothing means I will get the thoughts and urges here and there. I do not really know what should I do?


Start planning for your future buiness or job .


Bhaai ab to u r on a streak of 79 days and pogressing u r a good example for all of us a person who thought nofap to be so difficult is now on a good streak and still progressing congratssssss


Current streak:5
Highest streak:23