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Completed today 30 days… feeling better day by day…feels like a layer after layer of shit has being cleared out from me…this is really making me what i have always been and what we each one of us have always been and we deserve to be, ‘The Man’…never ever ever fap in life and just see u will be rewarded each and every day which can only be experienced…no more feeling like Slave… feeling the king of my own life… everything seems to be in control now…no anxiety, no fear, scare or any shit…just confidence, clear mind, energy, organised and last but not the least blessed,blessed that universe has given me a chance to live again with full of life by showing me the path to NOFAP…i was been fapping since ages due to lack of knowledge, this universe could have made me paralyzed because of this and in my last days i would hv left this planet with full of regrets by never exploring the real potential of this human life…Mind you brothers we are seriously blessed and lucky for this life and this journey to walk… let’s keep walking brothers…we are no more slaves to any damn shit in this life…never give up!!


We eat food…
Food get converted into sperms after a long process over 30 days.
If we ejaculate it… our body has to again make it… if we keep on ejaculating… we get stuck in this cycle. No progress.

When we dont ejaculate it. Our body gets a break from the process.After that whatever we eat gets coverted into direct energy which is used for other purposes. Now, we can go for the higher purposes of life.

Now, Sexual energy starts to flow upwards. Lets understand this fully. Before we used to believe that water flows downwards from mountains to oceans but we know now that water evaporates and form clouds in the skies.
Like wise sperms after their maturity dies & their energy rise upwards which is attracted towards brain like a magnet. By this every time it happens our brain gets more & more powerful.

When sexual energy no longer flow downwards & only upwards… a man or women achieves his full potential… he gets connected with the one supreme. Now, he knows answers to all his questions. He can not get tired such is his focus & concentration. He can work day & night without exhaustion.


If this is how the nature has designed us, then truly brothers i think nothing more inspiring or motivating than this is needed to give up fapping…yes this is scientific n true…this is how the process happens… isn’t this really a good reason or may be the only good reason to give up fapping…because brain is everything…if it has ample of energy then it can take care of everything… nothing else is needed…cheers to this nofap journey!!!


What a dick I’ve been all these years. I feel very ashamed to myself. Thanks for the enlightenment. Maybe this is the time which had meant for me to resurrect from the grave.

I had a sperm loss today when I went to the bathroom. But it was one drop or something and was natural. Does this count as a relapse ?


It is not a loss.
It is not fresh sperms.
It is cleaning of pipes.
It is prostate cleaning.
It is natural.
Body is taking care of you.
Let it do its work.
Trust the process, firm in your belief.

Not a relapse.

A Relapse is when you voluntarily fap & ejacualte.


I don’t completely agree with what my friend who moderate this thread has said. There is nothing like the energy from dead sperms gets rise up to the brain. Atleast as far as I know. (For your information, i have a little medical background) Physiologically that kind of things doesn’t happen. If it is proven or so scientifically, am ready to correct myself.

But what my friend has said about the eventual result of quitting this habit is completely true. You will definitely achieve your full potential once you quit this bad habit.

That’s because of many reasons.

First one being the fact that you are not at all using your potential as of now, since you are wasting your time and energy on porn. So when you quit and have more time and energy to do more things means you will use your brain on more better productive things.

Second one being the immense mental health you achieve by quitting porn. That’s huge. And you have to feel it yourself.

Our brain has this unique property of neural plasticity. In simple terms , brain will wire and nerves gets connected in various ways according to your habits.

When someone watch porn and gets some pleasure, brain thinks that that is actually you want. And brain rewire accordingly, which leads to more and more porn. His or her brain thinks that that’s best for that person.

But the good news is that this rewiring process is completely reversible. You can rewire brain for something better. It may take some time, but it’s completely possible. And once that rewiring happens, then it will be very easy to focus on more important things. You won’t get distracted with any picture or video. You won’t get triggered easily.

But for that to happen, you have to make your brain understand that this porn is not the thing you actually need. There comes the huge role of making a new habit instead of porn.

See, it’s not possible to delete a habit you were doing for many days. Only way is to replace that with something else. Something better and useful for your future. Then brain rewire according to that habit. And eventually even with out your knowledge, the bad habit of porn is gone. That’s the beauty of our brain.

Again the eventual result of attaining very high intellect and focusing ability, just like @Resurrection told is true. You will eventually achieve it and you will definitely feel that once you reach that level.

Hope this helps to all. @LonelySurvivor


Great stuff man. But how long do you think the brain needs to get rewired from porn? I mean how many days or months or even years.


@LonelySurvivor. It depends bro. Even though in most of the porn deaddiction forums they say a period of 60-90 days, it varies hugely depending on many factors.

How long you are watching porn?
At what age you started watching?
To what extent your watching habits reached?

There is no clear cut number of days I can say. Some people will get out of this trap very quickly in some days, some may take months or years.

But lemme tell you one thing, no matter how many days or months will it take to back your normal sensitivity back, its totally worth it.

Main key is patience. Ultimate patience with full belief in you. If you tell yourself you can do it no matter what happens, you subconscious mind will act according to it. Then it will become easy.

So firmly believe in your ability and be patient.

All of us gonna reach our dream life once. And it would be more beautiful than you can imagine now. Keep faith and be patient.


Wim hoff ( the ice man ) climbed mount everest naked.
The scientist said it is not possible. Do we have to change our science books now.

My point is Science is not end all & be all. Science is just evolving. Its based on obervations. Some things are beyond that. We cant even put them in words. I believe in spirituality.

In western world the scientist believe in two things… whether there is something… OR… there is nothing.
In india … there is third thing also… its called the unknown which is still yet to be discovered.


@Resurrection I got what you mean. And I agree with it. I was just clarifying about the scientific basis of what you said. And to believe in spirituality or not and to believe in science or not and to believe in both as a third thing you said, is personal discretion.

And am also a spiritual person. And the spiritual benefits of quitting porn is huge. It can’t be expressed in words. One has to feel it.

I was just trying to give some scientific basis of what is happening while we reboot and quit porn. No offence to anybody on this forum. And any one can refute me and reject my explanation completely. That’s completely cool.

After all we all are in the same ship, sailing to wards a better happy life.




How Long Should I reboot?

The time is completely dependent on the severity of your condition, how your brain responds, and your goals. Time frames found in rebooting accounts are all over the place because brains are different, and some men have porn-induced ED or DE. The men who reboot to reverse porn-induced ED use their erectile health as a barometer.

Guys without ED must use other benchmarks. It’s not uncommon for younger men to experience improvements long after the end of their rebooting phase

Think of a reboot as discovering what’s you and what was porn-related - whether it be ED, social anxiety, raging sex drive, depression, etc. Once you have a clear understanding of how you were affected by internet porn, you can steer your own ship.

And if there’s one thing I’d like to share with you all it’s this: Approach this thing not with the mindset of “achieving x number of days”, but with the mindset of putting distance between yourself and porn, so that it’s something that truly feels like it’s in your rearview window.

Be aware that some young men with porn-induced ED take longer to reboot than older guys who did not start early on Internet porn.

NB: Found this on a website, from a person who successfully did beat porn addiction. Hope this clarify your doubts.

Again be confident and believe in what you are doing. You have nothing to lose. But a lot to gain. Be proud of yourself.



Shout out to Resurection. Hes coming close to a new record soon. Lets all give him props and encoragement. Hes helped us all along our journey.


Heyy guys, I need your help…it’s day 31 streak and i m feeling better and now i have full control over PMO. Can control urges, however i have stuck in one thing.
Since last few months i got attracted to a female at my workplace, though we never talked to each other, infact we don’t even knw by name to each other and i was only thinking about that female since last few months…we never made proper eye contact due to my earlier fapping habbit, lack of confidence and even now if our eyes gets connected to each other we just take-off as if she is not interested and that’s absolutely alright.
Now my life is changing due to this NOFAP journey and ur support brothers, feeling better everyday but still i keep on thinking about her which is really not good. She is married and i don’t have any sexual thoughts about her, it’s just that i want to be a friend and needed her approval for my confidence and happiness which i know that it is really not at all right n nt at all good thing… though i have all the good habits but this one thing have stuck in my mind. I seriously want to get rid of this thinking about her all the time Everytime at office, breaks, travel, home, sleeping…looks like my life is revolving around her thoughts only…i m trying hard by not to think about her and keep moving in life but unavle to take her out of my mind…i want to be myself, confident and connected to supreme because i know very well that just being a friend to her or talking to her will not give me all the desires or dreams that i have from my life and also not talking to her will not at all destroy my will power of moving towards my dreams… it’s just that i feel pathetic and my energy feels like been sucked up by thinking of her all the time… it’s not her fault, it’s me who need to take this one control of my life is about thinking of that female co-worker all the bloody single time.
Please suggest me brothers as how to get rid of it…i will always be thankful to you, please help me i really want to get rid of this habit…i am absolutely clean on NOFAP NOPMO at all and can live like this for my whole life. Please helpe brothers!!


Meditation is the key man. To master himself,a man must first master his own spirit. To control genuine love is very complex, so you must have a pretty high level in meditation to be able to get rid of it. But it is always the time to start, so meditate on a daily basis to reconquer the fortress of your mind :fire:
Btw, from personal experience, telling yourself I just want to be her friend is just a vicious strategy by your brain to get closer to her for love. Just saying.
Keep strong man :muscle:


I want to say that you should take this thing as a challenge.
Like you have destroyed the urges to watch a hot video.
Take it like that…
In soceity we cant have the women who is married. We should respect that.

Consider these thoughts as porn & you know how to deal with such thoughts.

There is a second way also.
It is of understanding.
By understanding the whole situation with the eyes of a second person. You can get over this.
The second person is sitting deep inside you. Connect with him.


Thanks patrick… this is high time to do this.


My brothers @pierretomas18 and @Resurrection you people don’t know what is the level of help that u did today for me…i was so badly waiting for the answers and yes these are an eye openers for me…i prayed badly that i receive answer to conquer this rather than going ahead and making friend to her which is a wrong thing…i can understand the trick of my brain as i have stopped fapping so it is trying to play trick to keep me in the same pit…high time now to master my thoughts and spirit by regular meditation with undivided attention, i will strictly follow this and i m sure this will help me to get rid of such thoughts.
@Resurrection very rightly said, we can’t hv the married woman and we must respect that …yes i have taken my sword n have cut this thought and will keep cutting until the thought loses it’s power completely and it can never take over me…i m trying with all my level to connect to the second person deep inside me, it’s very much needed…with the help of god and my brother’s support and motivation i will surely get rid of this… thanks for being there guyss, i owe u alot for ur support like a pillar for each other and never let us fall…cheers to the NOFAP journey!! Thank you brothers




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Such an inspiration you are. Am trying hard. But unfortunately not able to cross 7 days.

Do you have any tips or suggestions to give to your fellow brother.