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Current streak : 3 days :sunny:

Hoping to be a social person and quit PMO forever


Go to your companion section, and on the right hand side 3 dot menu, you will see option for your sharing code. That is used by others to track your score. Same for others.


Hii how to join this group?..i m new


Add yourself in the SCOREBOARD according to your streak. This is not an elimination match. All types of nofappers are welcome here whether you are on soft mode or hard mode.
@Rebooter81 @Itsarebirth @LonelySurvivor @Busyman


How to add myself to the scoreboard? Pls help.


Where can I see my companion section? Am a new member here.


Go to post 2, tap the edit button and add your name to the board. If you see no edit button, then you need to spend more time on the forum and like some posts it will unlock the edit option.


What are the health benefits of No Fapping.
Mentally and Physically?


To achieve full potential of brain & body one should go for celibacy for atleast 10 years.

You have no idea how powerful a celibate person is … He is equal to 10 normal humans in intelligence & strength.


Main benefit what I came to know from my reading and research is that you will have a better sexual life ahead in future with your partner.
The neurological basis of the porn addiction, for that matter any addiction, is to do with the release of dopamine. As you keep watching more and more porn, the level of dopamine to be released to give you same satisfaction will also increase. Some sort of tolerance to lower doses porn will occur. In short the sensitivity of your mind to sexual thing will decrease.
As a result you will go searching more and more porn. May be more and more extreme porn. That chasing to get more and more satisfaction will never end.

Eventually when you really wants to have some good sexual relationship with your partner, it will hinder in a lot of ways.

The fake imagination you subconsciously got from the porn will make your normal sexual life unenjoyable. You will not get satisfied. And that will eventually may result in the failure of your relationship.

Another major benefit is, you will get a lot of free time to do more productive stuffs once you quit porn. It’s a fact that you are spending a lot of time infront of a screen watching some fake girls. And those times wasted will never come back. Once you quit , then you realise that how much time you actually have free to take care of yourself. To do some productive things. To exercise. To learn a new skill. To learn a new language. Etc.

There are a lot of benefit you get from quitting this bad habit. Physical, mental, academical, health benefits etc etc.

Hope you find this helpful.

NB: Am sorry if anybody got uncomfortable with a lot of “you” in my reply. Am not addressing anybody specific. No offence at all.


Guys I am not even sure who am I right now,
The amount of change that happened in me in those 28 days is just too much to even believe. I never thought I had that much potential.




@WarriorNS You are such an inspiration. Am on my day 2 after a relapse. But this time am very confident.
Do share, how quitting porn changed you. Specifically what all you noticed that changed in you.?

Thanks in advance


@Resurrection Could you please elaborate if you don’t mind. Because I’m really interested to know more about what you’ve said. Maybe this could become a turning point in my life.


You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

To those who relapsed,
Never mind. Get up. The mere fact that you tried and failed tells a lot of good things about you. That you are a fighter. That you are already motivated and determined to beat this enemy.

So start again now. And be proud of you.


@Aragorn Great Knowledge. Yes the PMO has been driving me crazy. My fantasies became quite Strange and perv. But now, I could see some small changes even after my 3 days streak (4 almost now). Feeling pretty positive about everything.


@LonelySurvivor Happy to know that you got something good from my words. Yes, you will find a lot of changes once your streak goes up. And am sure, it will go way higher than what you think now. Coz you have such a great potential with in you. You just have to believe in yourself.

Btw Lemme also remind you that first days or weeks are the toughest. You may get the urge to go back to it. But never do it. Never repeat that again.

Whenever you get any thoughts or urges and you fear that you may relapse, immediately think about how porn affected your life badly. Think about all those horrible feeling you had. Think like “I may feel good for 5 min watching, but after that I will definitely feel a lot worser with the regret.”
Channelise al these thoughts and come out of that urge.

NB: If I can I will give some tips on how to cope the urges during the period and how to prevent relapsing and go for a peaceful and productive life.


itna time nahi bacha ab, barbaad kar diya, childhood se karna tha :cry: What if we do it for more than 12 years in middle age, like Gandhi? :sweat_smile:


Lying on the bed all day-- masturbating–going to work–feeling tired and lightheaded and not focused–back home to the bed–lowest scores between my mates in exams–cannot even focus while driving and getting into dangerous situations–looking at girls all day and night and everywhere–anxiety and always short of breath–not eating well and extreme loss of apatite–feeling lost and no goals just my phone and the bathroom–later even porn couldnt satisfy me–feeling extremely vulnerable to other people words–irritable and not considering my actions–parents critisising my always “Not Focused” status
Excercising–Meditating–Always feeling happy and clear headed–Focused as fuck literally–extremely good and caustious driver–looking at girls as friend and not even looking sexually at even the sexiest of them–extreme self control and confidence–studying hard and got the top score between my mates–thinking well before speaking–to be honest didnt notice too much increase in girls attraction to me but I really dont even care about that now I care about me and how to develop me to become better–Just Amazing
Change doesnt take months as they say, unless What I saw is only the tip of the iceberg
I am waiting patiently to see what will come next :slight_smile:


@WarriorNS Keep going… Such an inspiration for people like me.