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It was a lot of loss! :disappointed_relieved:


Maybe you fantasized about your gf/ actual crush? Its still better than fantasizing about a porn star.


“Am gonna keep fapping untill I cant breath and die” I literally used to tell myself this when depressed


@WarriorNS , buddy no need to worry about the long term, Brucelee’s condition was different than we used to fap usually, he didn’t watched P neither did he touched his genital, when relapsed it was early in the morning he just had opened his eyes he wasn’t even fully conscious, that’s why the reason he was out of control. I would suggest you to not worry about long term’s urges. No wonder @BruceLee was a pro. This incident was really terrifying and out of control. Thank you brucelee for all the support you’ve given to the community. And we wish you all the best for your journey.


How did you relapsed, what makes you do that ?


He allowed somebody to hypnotize him. :joy::joy: This is what he said in WhatsApp group.


Can you elaborate,? …


Please ask him in personal message. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I forgot the name of hypnotist.


I tried that many times but had to masturbate afterwards. No more than pre-cum from hypnosis. Maybe i didnt want to ejaculate or i had little feelings.

I am over this hypnosis shit now. Take control of your own dick. :facepunch:


What are you people talking about?!!


20 days… My Exam finished … One or two time i had thoughts of fapping but i take control over my feelings… Feeling good…Aap sabko bhaot miss kiya sachme …net bnd tha… Specially Resurrection bhaiya …you r really inspiration for me… Never back down :smiling_imp:


Dont search for it… its triggers… may lead you to relapse.

:no_entry_sign:WARNING :no_entry_sign: PMO HAZARD ZONE


Well said. :clap::clap: There are many types in p and m and o which I do not know and I do not want to know because I know that collectively it is SHIT only. There are many ways to hell caused by relapse, but there is only one way to WIN: NoFap :sunglasses:




Well said. Stop looking for help in the wrong place. This communuity and practice will keep you strong. Gotta practice your strength daily.


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Longest Streak about 23 days
Goal 30 days minimum but looking to hit say 90 days ideally then onwards and upwards to a better life
Battle is in the mind been struggling a lot lately!

Age is 37 (Yes I’m old but never too late to start)
Live in UK


Welcome bro this group will definitely boost your streak I hope :fire::fire::fire:


Hope so how does this work do I check in daily? Do I have to check in daily? It’s not an elimination group is it…


Hi guys, am newbie here. I have just started yesterday and it’s my first day. How do this group works. And what is this code everybody sharing? What is it for? And how can I get mine? Somebody pls help me.

Thanks in advance.