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He weeped for 15 minutes after his relapse.

This means he knows the importance of it. He will be back with a bang.


Man, even the mightiest can fall… My god, I am so afraid right now… Koi nehi bhaai. Your 230+ was not in vain at all…, Many of us can’t even imagine what you have achieved. F***ing 230 days man… You just stumbled, but please begin again. Next time you will not fall, we are all proud of you. So start again bro without further ado.


Best thing was he didnt watched porn…
Sexual thoughts got him down. He was having urges for last 5 days but he kept on ignoring them but one night something terrible happened.

His penis got rubbed with the blanket unfortunately. He enjoyed the rubbing sensation. Hence he rub it a few times more without using his hands & within a minute … the ejaculation…

I am writing all this … so that others can learn from this… it is advised to not rub your dick for pleasure. Just ignore your erected cock guys…
One thing more… only washing your genitals & peeing is allowed… dont play with it…

You are playing with fire.
Take care all.



Congrats… now you are our current streak leaderboard king


I think you can put yourselves in Star arena now. Feel the glory. :star2:


What happened to bruce lee???


He rubbed his penis with blanket & ejaculated… sexual thoughts got the best of him.
He was having urges for the past 5 days.

He will begin again.


You know i think its definitely worth saying that Bruce Lee is still amazing. Think about other areas of your life. Are you perfect anywhere? If everyone on this site relasped once every 230 days that would be pretty amazing. I know the hard part for me would be not to go into a multiple relasped event.

Keep your head high Bruce Lee. You are still inspiring to all. Great lesson here. The temptation will always be there. Do your best and get back up quick when you fall. Heres to another 230 and more. Lets go fellas.


@BruceLee :crown::crown::crown::crown::crown::crown:

You are a legend bro… dont be sad for it… you will rise again… i know… you will be forever remembered.
I am making a Hall of Fame in Scoreboard for you.
You are a true champion.
God bless you.





Hi everyone,
These days I’ve been tempted to return to soft porn, so I’ve made more strict rules for muself to identify a relapse. I am telling them to you guys so now I have no excuse to soft porn anymore.

A relapse is made when:
-any sexual content is seen voluntarily
-instagram search page is being scrolled down
-devianart website is entered
-youtube is used in private mode
-physical contact with the penis in order to get pleasure is made
-rubbing penis against anything in order to get pleasure voluntarily
-ejaculating due to over-excitement that was voluntarily caused by thoughts, sounds, words or any media

These are the new rules I will apply to myself. Please feel free to make any suggestion about additional rules you think would be good as well or make comments about my current rules. Eventually, I hope this new definition of a relapse will help some of us not to go down the dangerous slope of soft-porn, which almost always leads straight to relapse

Good luck guys keep going :muscle:


If I have to do nofap 1000+ days then I’ll have to try my best Plan
I mean daily 15 minute meditation & some exercise
If i don’t meditate any day
I’ll reset my counter
Now Nofap and meditation will work together :star_struck:

If someone’s Nofap + Meditation streak is 1000 days :slightly_smiling_face:
Aur ye (SOMEONE) koi bhi ho skta hai Aap bhi :gift:

watching own thought :relieved:


Oh sad to hear i dont know why but i feel heavy urges to M


Please do not play rotation game. upar ho to upar hi badhte raho


Will try my best .going to work out my body


Get back to basics… no watching & no touching.


Something important I just realized,
Your first attempt at nofap isnt 1% as important as your second attempt after first relapse, there is two ways, one you continue relapsing and your journey ends, the other you become insanely wise and can reach hundreds of days of nofap if not forever. Brothers You Have to focus on the time after your first relapse it can be the difference between life and death, I believe now that the real journey starts from the first relapse after a first high streak(+15 days), hold tight


A question for you guys, had 2 wetdreams last night. I didn’t watch anything triggerring. Rather I was quite busy with different things. This is aftr about a gap of 50 days, currently at 63 days of no pmo. Should I be worried that I had 2 in same night or its just simple wetdreams.?

Ps. I had the first wetdream during the first week. After that last night.


Sorry guys but i relapsed without p…n but i am facing no guilt whats going on


You can reset your streak in the scoreboard. The Roses arena will be empty for some days.


No, its normal.
Dont worry about it… wetdreams are better than actual act.

It doesnt give shock to central nervous system like actual act.
Prostate juice is secreted and little loss of semen.