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We all are caged inside our minds. We are no longer free to take our actions. We are slaves. Slaves to women and the world.
But No More. We have decided to break the chains. We are a part of this world. We are ready to pay for our sins. But we will take our freedom back.
I want you to prepare your ass for a beating of a lifetime Because i know we all will fall at first attempt.

But we will keep on trying . We will take the beating and learn from it. Every beating will give us a lesson. We keep on growing. Our wounds are wide open. Dont expect that it will heal in 30 days. Before 30 days more salt will be sprinkled by the nature on it.

But dont you break down from it. Every wound says something to you that you were running away from something your whole life. Be prepare your ass to face your demons. We wont make it if we cant face our demons. We have to accept them and keep preservance.

I pray for Patience . Its almost 2 years with million of relapses . But i know it only takes last blow of hammer to break the chains. Chains which were built by us many years ago. The more years the more strong is the chain and it requires a huge hammering after hammering . Try after try… Try after Try… Tears … Sweat … Blood… FREEDOM.


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Current Streak 0 days
Highest streak 31 days
Current Goal 90 Days
Ultimate Goal Nofap for lifetime
Country INDIA :india:
Age 26
Married And Father of a daughter
Occupation : Eating Masturbation Sleeping
But i want to be Farmer or a Govt. Officer.


Basic Reboot Group

:crown: BruceLee :india: 9ddeb0 《 Days 183

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:fire:Thedevil/nishan :india: e010ea 《 Days 38

Raghunandanpareek :india: dc30698《 Day 29
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acarnegie743 :india: dmjory Day 10
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WalkwithoutFear 826714 :us: 《 Days 3
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Brahmcharya1year :india: istvt5 《 Days 0
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Welcome to Reboot Club bro.
Post every single day here. You just have to post about your feelings on every day.
When did you do that 95 days streak.
I am interested to hear your story.




Today i masturbated 3 times in a row after a 15 days streak. Pity ! What a waste of energy.

First 2 orgasms i enjoyed but the 3rd one. It was a forced. I had to look for a dozen of videos to do that. First i searched the youtube. Then i gone to porn sites. i hate masturbation and orgasm i am done with it.

Over the past 12 years all i have done is jerking off. What a waste of energy. I have understood one thing that 《 As long as their is this juice in your body all world looks great. Today after 2nd orgasm the world looks ugly to me as hell. Even porn couldnt be enjoyed anymore. It tells me again that {{ The pleasure we seek is just opposite of where we are looking, The longer we keep ourself away from orgasm the better it gets , benefits superpowers all will come to us I BELIEVE }}


Guys plz share your day 0. We all have to draw strength from our experiences.


Highest streak 43 days
Current streak 38 days
Sharing code e010ea

Let’s fight the battle together


Rohit :india:
Highest score-40 days
Current score - 0


Male :uk:
Highest : 19 Days
Current : 5 Days
Joined : 2 months ago

Got my best streak by avoiding thoughts/emotions, but making the religious decision to stop.
No ifs, No buts, and No arguments.

Also quit smoking weed.

I added NoSmoking tobacco to counter,
fell a few times, got to about a week, and then got into ifs/buts/arguments, and then started to fall i.e, pmo.

Don’t get too emotional. Don’t argue with self?
Smile and laugh more often.
Use energy on productive things - not “NoPMO”

Day 6
Lots of things I could say, but giving them up.
Back to work, Back to spending my energy on worthy things :smile::pray:


…have u take nofap seriously…?


Bro I can’t believe anymore … After relaps tum kah bhag jaye ho aur yeh competition ruined ho jata hai …agar tum competition start karte ho toh isko PURA karna tumhara farz hai …Bhaii isse Baar competition chod ke mat bhagna chae tum relapse ho jao ya nahi … isse PURA karana hai so that hum motivate rahe …


I added you bro pleas add me:vtjl7n
May this journey be full of hope and
Success to all of us


What do you mean by seriously ?
Are you metaphoricaly asking or what ?
Nofap is my life now.
Jab Tak Thodegay nahi chodegay nahi
Means I will not stop until i become a successful nofapper


Bas muh dekhane ke layak nahi tha.
Tere ko kaha tha ki agar fail hua to bat nahi karunga.
Isliye app delete kar diya tha.

I have become a joke. I cant keep my promises. But i will try my best to run this group until 90 days are broken.

Anyway, How is nofap journey going for you ?


Yes , we will win at the end.
Write your everyday log here. Share your thoughts often.


my carrent streak 157 days
can i join :slightly_smiling_face:


You are a legend bro.
You were on day 0 when you came here.
Look at you.
A fucking streak of 157 days.

Share some Tips for the poor souls.
Bhai meri streak first month se upar nahi jata kabhi bhi ?
Help kar de thodi si .


Bro I made 40 days streak but I failed once again …now I am on day 3



40 din ke baad fail kaise hua…


Wo hi bahut din ho Gaye porn dekhe hue favourite pornstar ki toh dekh leta hu new konsi aai hai …isse chakar mein barbad ho gya bhai …aur har baar relapsed hone ka yehi reason hai …khud Ko rok nahi pata hu …


Main masturbation ko pichhle 5-6 saal se chhodne ki kosis kar rha tha par 2 mahine se aage hi nhi ja pata.
( sayd isliye kyoki main nofap ke bare mein janta hi nahi tha)

par yahan aane ke baad maine Nofap ke bare mein suna aur samjha to bahut kuchh samjh mein aaya

  • Nofap
  • Semen Retention & Increased Attraction
  • Sexual energy transmutation etc.

Nofap aur Semen Retention ki jankari hone ke baad agar mein us knowledge ko use na karun to us knowledge ka kya fayda

Main August 2017 se maditation karta aa rha hoon (but not daily)par main daily karne ki kosis main hoon

Bhai main kya help kar sakta hoon Aap to mujhse jyada jante ho Nofap ko

  • jab bhi urge/encrypt thought mere dimag mein aane ki kosis krta hai to main use ignore kar deta hoon aur apna dyan kahin aur laga leta hoon
    dhire dhire ye meri aadat ban gayi

kabhi kabhi to mujhe lagta hai jaise main koi Mind game khel rha hoon